Stop inciting innocent NDC members against Rawlings – Final part

Jj Rawlingsj Former President JJ Rawlings

Tue, 14 Feb 2017 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

From December 31st 1981, the PNDC and NDC political appointees, cadres, bureaucrats and technocrats toiled and lived selflessly, sacrificed their lives including this writer and hundreds even died under the most challenging socio-economic conditions until they succeeded in bequeathing a softer and more enabling economic and political conditions to the NPP in 2001 under Mr. J.A. Kufuor’s presidency, and again the peaceful hand over to Nana All-die-be-die Addo Dankwa Williams Kwaku Akuffo Addo, the shortest president of the republic of Ghana with a tall name on January 7th 2017.

The new first lady is now called Her Excellency Rebbeca All-die-be-die Akuffo Addo for short. I wish them well. It really does the nation no political good for any person to consider the NDC governance role as irrelevant in the political history of this country as Ex-Prez. Kufuor did right from 2001 – 2008 when his tribal government completely down played the roles of the PNDC and the NDC in the governance of this nation and was fully supported by 98% of Ghana’s media men and women whom he bought and paid for like bags of maize, and with their pockets filled with NPP cash, the media took the then opposition NDC on its toes while plucking their long ears and closing their round eyes to the evils of the NPP in government from 2001 – 2008. We are yet to see whether this “All-die-be-die” and “Kumepreko” man will also do the same thing.


In a truly democratic dispensation such as ours, in which the United Nations guaranteed bill of rights is being relished without inhibitions what so ever, former Prez. Rawlings derides such rights which include the freedom of expressing. Jerry Rawlings has been engaged in such/populist and circus performances for a very long time without anybody in the NDC party calling him to order from 2010 and 2012 until his 31st December Revolution anniversary speech in 2016. You see, freedom of expression, one of the corner stones of democracy and part of the bill of rights has never been so freely played out as being witnessed in today’s Ghana, so NO BODY CAN GAG RAWLINGS UNTIL DEATH. The situation is certainly unlike the days of the late WO I Issac Frimpong, the Forces Sergeant Major-a.k.a Red Light of blessed memories who rightly remarked that if there is freedom of expression where anybody can spread lies to destroy innocent peoples’ hard won reputations, then there must be freedom of Beatings and Assassinations in Ghana and the violent prone NPP members and their bias media men immediately developed Running Stomachs throughout the country. So, do such vicious Infidels also fear death? Who born Dog? I say, Rawlings must always talk.

The NDC cherishes the intellectual prowess, extra ordinary political stature, incisive vision and venerable mission of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah in the affairs of Ghana, Africa and the entire world during his political life on this cursed earth. It needs to be made very clear that the roles Dr. Kwame Nkrumah played during his tenure of political leadership in Ghana can never be modified, downgraded, changed or erased by those he aptly called the IMPERMLIST and NEO-COLONIAL LACKEYS. There was even a time when the late master historian, Professor Adu Boahen wrote a history book on Ghana without any reference to the roles of Dr. Nkrumah – It never saw light since Ghanaians boycotted that false History Book with the contempt it deseved. For the Ghanaians politicians and intellectuals in the violent prone NPP who pathologically hate to hear the name of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, hate to hear the slogan – Nkrumah Never Dies, hate to see Nkrumah’s images and even hate students who read Dr. Nkrumah’s books, let them for once sit up, think and understand that while Dr. Nkrumah is physically dead, his intellectual ideals and political vision still linger on and former president Mahama took up that vision by developing Ghana so fast that he was undermined by his own party members and its parliamentarians including some Government Appointees which led to his humiliating defeat in December 2016.

Rawlings must always speak: Rawlings astuteness, his insight, his political acumen is simply legendary so, any wonder he could easily rule Ghana for 19 years? Any wonder, he is a gem that must be preserved and NOT discarded.

It will be recalled that president Mahama appointed only Northerners to manage SADA because they all know the terrain, and how their own people live in abject poverty, BUT what happened? they amassed wealth and nearly collapsed SADA. Whom do you blame now? Is it Prez. Mahama or those disgraced Northern thieving technocrats that were appointed by him? Do they think they were punishing Prez. Mahama or what?


This writer saw defeat starring at the NDC during the house to house campaign that I joined from October 1st to December 5th 2016. We went to many houses to talk to the people on our empty stomachs while monies were given out to be shared to those who do the work – No pesewa in our pockets leading to hunger and thirst and this happened not in one region or constituency, but nationwide as if it was a planned thing to bring down Prez. Mahama by his own party members as monies, motor bikes, T shirts, Bicycles, Sewing machines vanished on the highways.

The defeat of the NDC was more glaring when Mr. Julius Debrah, former chief of staff invited parliamentary candidates, MMDCE’S and Cadres including this writer to the forecourt of the Yaa Asartewa Lodge and pleaded with us to move from house to house and campaign very hard at a time most constituency executives does not see eye to eye with cadres, They does not see eye to eye with themselves and does not see eye to eye with most branch executives at the grass root within the NDC.

Most executives felt insecure at the mere mention of a cadre’s name. The meeting took place on the 15th of November 2016.


When it came to an open forum, instead of allowing those who came from the grass roots at the various constituencies to talk – some few leaders at the Regional Level hijacked the programme in the Region to talk, and what were they going to talk about? The Regional NDC chairman quickly told us that our speeches were going outside – so we should speak without a microphone to such a large around.

The message never want down to the poor wretched cadres who are always used when the NDC party is in crises, and later dumped by self seeking party executives – Rawlings must talk – and no one can gag him since the NDC party is not any body’s private company.

The party sent huge sum of monies through the various Regions and Constituencies for the parties foot solders to work and most of these items VANISHED ON THE HIGHWAYS.

These items included: motor-bikes, Bicycles, soap and blankets mats, monies, wellington boots, cutlasses, clothes, “T” shirts, sewing machines, welding machines, welding goggles and hair driers. The 13 member committee led by Professor Kwesi Botchway must probe all these and the culprits exposed and shown the EXIT. There were serious divisions at the party branches nationwide, but no MMDCE talked about that and no party executives talk about that but were rather sharing the few items given by the party leaders among themselves, So, why won’t the NDC lose the 2016 election? Who will always walk on an empty stomach to campaign for votes for the NDC while others SIT on the T&T always given out for that purpose?

The cadres returned from the chief of staff’s meeting in Kumasi and relaxed comfortably in their various homes, because most constituency executives did not want to see them let alone include them in their campaign teams at a time no pesewa was given to any cadre who met the chief of staff, so why won’t the NDC lost the election in 2016.

Now, who is deceiving who? Rawlings must talk always and damn the consequences.


Former president Rawlings raised a very important issue on 31st December 2016, where he delivered his 35th anniversary speech and this was what he said.

The oppressive machinery will NOT desert us voluntarily. We need not shrink from honestly facing the conditions in our party and country today. This is the time to pre-eminently speak the whole TRUTH frankly and courageously and rather stop making Rawlings the scape goat. The fly that has no adviser follows the corpse to the grave, but the NDC refused several warnings and advices by Rawlings and followed the corpse to the grave and was buried on 7th January 2017. How sad.

Yes, let all the progressive forces gang up and throw their weights behind Rawlings for the massive re-organization of the party. As a cadre, I always remain where I am, without Job, as well as my children, whether the NDC is in power or not since 1992 to 2016.

It is this oppressive machinery called “New NDC” in the party that indirectly undermined Prez. Mahama leading to that humiliating defeat on December 7th 2016 because they hate the truth since most of them were using their positions in the party to do business at the expense of the masses who realized that the NDC had now become anti-poor, anti-people and voted massively against the party. Is anybody listening? Presidents Rawlings and John Mahama are not important, but our country Ghana just keep your fingers crossed I shall return. “Jaanbie Iwaii”

Aluta Countinua.

………………………. Clement Sangaparee United Cadres Front Obuasi

Cc : All Media Houses Accra – Ghana


Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement