Stop inciting innocent NDC supporters against Rawling - Part 4

Rawlings Raw.jpeg Former President Jerry John Rawlings

Wed, 18 Jan 2017 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

On March 30th 2016, Many supporters of the Atebubu Amanten Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Hon. Kweku Boafo, who vowed to resist his removal from office by the then powers that be went on rampage and burnt down the NDC office in the town.

This was after the Atebubu Amanten Municipal police commander, chief superintendent Joseph Atsu Zinaku had gone to the Atebubu Municipal administration (MCE’s) office to remove the official car of the MCE and claimed that it was AN ORDER FORM ABOVE. Was it from the then sitting President or some top National Executives of the NDC in Accra?

The MCE, Hon. Samson Kweku Boafo refused to comply with the order because according to him, it was not the proper procedure for him to hand over government property in his possession to the police, even if he was no longer the MCE for Atebubu Amanten. He was 100% right, but who will listen to him? When his massive supporters later learnt of the police commander’s intention, they matched to the Assembly and invoked curses on the police chief amidst the breaking of eggs. They later stormed the NDC party office and set it ablaze.

Again, when supporters of the Member of Parliament for the area, Hon. Sanja Nanja also heard of what the MCE’s supporters did, they also organized themselves and stormed the residence of the MCE with offensive weapons like cutlasses and guns and started firing indiscriminately . A Ghana National Fire Service officer named Abdul Kadal who was around that area sustained gun shot wounds in his right arm and was rushed to hospital. The MP’s supporters went ahead and vandalized property in the MCE’s residence, including a television set, fridge, documents, Sofa, and other house hold items.

There were sporadic gunshots in the town until the police went in to save the situation by 10pm on Tuesday. Sensing danger, the municipal police commander managed to whisk the MCE’s official vehicle away to safety and parked it at the Atebubu police station. Attempts by Fire Officers at Atebubu to extinguish the blazing fire at the NDC office was met with fierce resistance from the NDC party supporters.

This writer spent five (5) good days at Atebubu Amanteng attending a relative’s funeral at Atebubu and this was exactly what happened on that bloody day when ‘dogs’ in the NDC were biting themselves. Now, was it Rawlings who set the NDC party office ablaze in the Atebubu/Amanten constituency? The answer is NO, and if the answer is NO, why should most NDC executives try to always incite innocent supporters of the NDC against Rawlings? I want to know.

With the above nasty state of affairs in the NDC party throughout the country – why won’t the NDC lose the election in 2016? Come on, it is now, or never. The NDC lost the Atebubu Amanten seat to the violent prone tribal NPP government. Our party leaders at the National and Regional levels must understand that the NDC members at the grassroots also have a way of looking at issues economically, socially and politically and must be given an ear when they talk or protest. If you eat alone, you will die alone, so those who ate alone must die alone today 2017.

This has never been the case since these ‘New NDC members’ took office on 7th January 2009.

We all worked very hard from 2001-2008 in opposition together with the Rawlingses and the late President Mills of blessed memory only for some people to hijack the NDC, introduce Alien policies in the party and did what they all liked by describing Cadres as the Rawlings Boys from an Imaginary white House who will get nothing in the then NDC party in government from 2008 to 2016, and that was exactly what really happened to most Cadres including this writer who worked hard in the party for NO REWARD whatsoever, let alone their sons and relatives. Why blame Rawlings for our self inflicted humiliating defeat? Is any body listening? I shall return.

I shall Return. ‘Jaanbie Iwaii’.

Aluta Continua

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement