Stop inciting innocent Ndc members against Rawlings – Part 3

Jerry Rawlings The Man2 Former President Jerry John Rawlings

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The NDC party, which we suffered to organize since 1992 to have a firm structure on the ground all over the country cannot be allowed to be destroyed by few self seeking individuals who always put their stomachs first before the party. These characters always flirt from the constituency to the Regional and National Headquarters telling lies and blackmailing innocent people who are prepared to instill discipline in the party and make it attractive for its forward match.

They always gang up at that level and pinpoint who will be a DCE or MCE and those who will become parliamentary candidates even if the people at the grass root does not want them, whenever the NDC is in power as it happened in 2016.

In a country where over 90% of the Clergy have turned the Bible up side down and dabble in open politics and preach money. In a country whose Clergy have failed in transforming the society by neglecting their Divine Duty in exchange for government recognition and for raw cash leaving their church members in suspense and hiding their double standards from the laity, political leaders must step in the shoes of these confused Clergy men and women.

The 31st December revolution was launched to push us to live transparent lives, in which our considerations for our neighbors will be as high as we would wish it for ourselves. Most church leaders in Ghana have been preaching against 31st December revolution which gave birth to the NDC since 2008 to date 2017 instead of using the pulpit to transform the society, they cowardly hide behind it by turning the Bible upside down and lead innocent souls to Hell. Most of these false men of God would have been exposed for what they are if questions were allowed in the church since most church leaders does not qualify to preach as God’s representatives on earth. How sad.


It is a fact of history that out of the 59 years of Ghana’s independence, the PNDC and the NDC regimes had ruled Ghana successfully for 19 good years. Neither can any one feign ignorance to this reality nor seek vainly to down grade the immense contributions made by the Rawlings led PNDC and NDC regimes to the development and growth of Ghana without creating the crisis of confidence and crisis of solidarity that have since characterized those planning day and night to silence and completely silence and completely sideline Jerry Rawlings which WON’T HAPPEN THIS TIME ANY AWAY.

For the very first time in 24 years, since the inception of the fourth Republic, the whole Upper West Region have been a SAFE STRONG HOLD OF THE NDC just as the Ashanti Region have been to the NPP – but out if 11 parliamentary seats in that region, – the NPP managed to snatch 5 seats from that Region.

Are the residents of upper West Region EWES OR AKANS? The answer is NO – but why did they vote against their own son – a Northerner, who is an honest hard working president? Did Rawlings go to that Region and campaign against president Mahama? Did he go to the Northern, Brong – Ahafo and Central regions to campaign against president Mahama? All the answers are capital NO.

So what really Happened? The 13 member committee probing the NDC rejection by Ghanaians MUST START FROM THE BRANCHES O FTHE NDC nationwide that is where the answers lie and not the Constituencies and Regional offices where most executives were chasing monies instead of working for the party. As a Cadre, I find it laughable and outlandish that former president Rawlings is always being asked TO PUT BRAKES ON HIS UTTERANCES.

He has the right to freedom of expression as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution. What do these NDC leaders fear? Are the party leaders not Cadres? We live to see. Former President Rawlings and John Mahama are not important but our country – Ghana. Keep your fingers crossed, I shall return. “Jaanbie Iwaii”

Aluta Continna

Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement