“…Stroke Of My Pen” : An Inspiration From A Poem

Tue, 12 Aug 2014 Source: Blege, Alex

By Alex Blege

A poem. A poem that turns my imaginations on and sends me thoughts of gladness to do this piece. A poem inspires. It allows the poet to let others into his or her thoughts.

Now the inspiration- it is from GTV’s Talking Point host, Abdul Hayi Moomen’s poem, “SEX POEM”.

The subject matter of this poem is sex. The poem has two themes- lust and pretence.

The poem has five verses and a line at the end. The first verse has five lines and the other four has four lines each.

The first verse describes the beauty of the main character, Asana, her birth place and the environment which accompanies it and her betrothal to her lover. “Oh Asana!! Fairest of all our village maids! Mma Rahi says your birth was in the forest shades She says there were green leaves and glimpses of the sky, She knew you’d be mine, looking into your infant eye.”

The second verse reveals how dutiful “Asana” is and the challenges she encounters in the performance of her duties. The poem paints a picture of her lover going to the stream with her often and what they both felt for each other. “Your trips to the village stream when a child, And when you broke Mma’s only pot in the wild, I remember cos I was there with you admiring the beauty of the place Even then, I could feel the love in your heart and on your face.” The third verse introduces what happens at their tryst- sex. It also tells us where it happens. Under normal circumstances it has to happen on a matrimonial bed not “behind the leaves”

“On that day when the twilight fell on the trees and rocks And when my fingers were lost in the shade of your dreadlocks; My hand around your waist began to weave the weaves. Playfully, we did something sweet behind the leaves” As the deed comes to an end in the fourth verse, both of them begin to wonder – did someone see us. Only Tita-the bird is a witness to the act. In spite of the guilt, “Asana’s” lover admires her looks.

When the play was over, only “tita” the bird, sung in the atmosphere serene And I wondered, “what we have done, has heaven also seen?” Your eye lashes had carried a guilty – sweet look And I read your curvy figure as if it were a book The last verse mentions other witnesses to the act – “the nim trees and the shea trees”. This verse continues in the description of the act and their guilt.

The nim trees and the shea trees saw us against each other pressed As I did what a baby does to a mother’s breast It was all over – clothes back on body and pretense filled the air Out from our calm solitudes, we went back to the village square.

The last line tells how they hide the memories of their act in the secret chambers of their thoughts and hearts- therefore the life of feigned innocence goes on- pretence. The last line is made up of two sentences; first, their innocence. Second, no human eye or digital sees them. “We are still innocent, after all, we were not caught on tape!!!” Sex is not a play thing. It is a spiritual act that consummates a marriage. If it happens outside marriage- it becomes fornication. If it happens between a married person and another person, other than his spouse or her spouse- adultery. God hates it. Lust can be for somebody and something. When it is for somebody it means, “very strong sexual desire, especially when love is not involved”. When it is for something, “very strong for something or enjoyment of something.” (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, International Student’s edition, 7th edition). So someone may not be involved in a sex video but he or she lusts after pornography. So watch your desires we are all liable like Asana and her lover. Lust is in categories; the lust of the eye and the flesh (1John 2:16). -It precedes all immorality. (James1:14-15). In the poem, lust after its result, brings guilt and the burden of being innocent to the two when they are not. For those of us in relationships, we may have failed the test at one point in time or the other. Let us not pretend. Let us rather turn away from our past mistakes and live right for God. Pretence is synonymous to hypocrisy. It creates double standards in the life of a person. It puts the individual into a corner where he or she loses honour, dignity, integrity and credibility. For all those who capture two people on a sex tape which is not any way in the interest of the public, get to know that you are more immoral than those in the video. Fellow journalists, if there is any sex tape ask, if it is in the INTEREST OF THE STATE.

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Columnist: Blege, Alex