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Strong fraternal advice to Hon. Kennedy Agyapong

Ken Agyapong 34532 Kennedy Agyapong, MP for Assin Central

Mon, 4 Sep 2017 Source: Rockson Adofo

Be it known to Hon. Kennedy Agyapong that “Loose lips sink ships”, meaning "beware of unguarded talk". Understandably, Kennedy is moved to act the way he does out of frustrations, the pain of seeming ungratefulness demonstrated by the NPP’s attitudinal posture of “Monkey de work baboon de chop” and their congenitally side-lining of the very persons whose core roles played brought them to power.

No sensible person in NPP or in Ghana can deny before God and man that Hon. Kennedy Agyapong’s role played before and during Election 2016 helped to bring NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo to power. I can vouch for his role as being the cardinal financial and strategic pivot on which the success of NPP in Election 2016 revolved.

Anyone is entitled to their opinion. Individuals can choose to accept or refute this gospel proclamation by me; however, it is an inalienable truth established in inedible mark.

Why should he now be seen as an enemy within? Why is he forced to go public every now and then attempting to wash the NPP’s dirty linen in public, if indeed they have any? Is there anyone within NPP caring enough to listen to his concerns and address them accordingly, or the party is now in power after many years of struggle so to hell with him and whatever he represents? Should this be the view of NPP, then I am afraid, we are being insanely myopic.

Have we forgotten that no condition is permanent and that we are advised against biting the hand that feeds you? Hon. Kennedy Agyapong like any patriotic man or woman of integrity is judiciously guiding against NPP slipping into the same corruption that engulfed NDC hence culminating in their disgraceful exit from power on Wednesday, 7 December 2016. This is what has pushed him into loquaciousness; repeatedly warning those NPP well-placed officials intending to have long arms that can reach into obscure places, or evil minds that have the potency to cost NPP future political victories.

Little minds’ comments on online publications slandering Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, do accuse him of greediness, selfishness and short-sightedness. Most of them think he has gone berserk because he is not being given contract(s) as businessman by the NPP government. I do not want to comment about their displayed ignorance that does not augur well for the future of the party.

Who in NPP sponsored the campaign of the party during Election 2016 more than him? Could NPP have won the election so massively without the selfless assistance of people like him? No!!!

I shall advise him to moderate his political pronouncements. This does not mean he should cease being the champion fighting against politicians and people in higher positions who are embezzling state funds and assets.

When NPP was in opposition, we did not see people affiliated with NPP opening firms to charge exorbitant fees to write risk assessments for those who approached them upon the presentation of which risk assessments to the Chief of Staff guaranteed them government contracts. Now, it is rumoured to be the contrary under the august presidency of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Why are dubious persons rather outwardly presenting themselves as saints only to sabotage the old man who is young in mind, dynamic and dedicated to working to free Ghana from her endemic poverty brought about by our corrupt politicians and leaders who see politics as an arena for acquiring illegal riches within a twinkle of an eye?

Kennedy, take it cool but I am with you always as long as Ghanaian politicians have that deplorable tendency to be corrupt. They think corruption dates as far back as our biblical forebear Adam hence it is sanctimoniously permissible to be corrupt. Nonsense!

Who in Ghana’s parliament since year 2000 has achieved more for Ghana than Hon. Kennedy Agyapong? Had it not been him, we would never know about Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s swindling of Ghana to the tune of over GHS51 million. Had it not been him, Ibrahim Mahama, former President John Dramani Mahama’s younger sibling would have continued to clear his imported goods from Ghana ports free by continually issuing dud cheques in payment of import duties. Had it not been him, NDC would have surely rigged election 2016 in their favour to continue to rule Ghana.

What is more painful than to lose your parents or close family members? Kennedy, you have been able to cope with the loss of your father and mum. Assume that whatever money you spent on NPP is money that dropped out of your pocket without you noticing. For how long will you brood over the pain of losing such money? Let it go.

Discerning people are learning hard and bitter lessons from the disguised mistreatment of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong at the hands of the apparently ungrateful NPP. As NDC rewarded people for being liars, thieves etc., NPP are rewarding their unique financier with a slap in the face. This is my observation.

Let me end here to retire into bed as sleepy as I feel. Just as I was about to end my write-up, my former Tweneboa Kodua Secondary School classmate Mr Yaw Poulous, alias skin-tight dresser, phoned up to hold informative conversation on Ghana having an address-network with me. He has requested me to publish an article about it and I shall at the opportune time.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo