Stubborn EC Bosses: Jean Vs Charlotte …who is worst?

Thu, 6 Feb 2020 Source: The Punch Newspaper

Taking a cue from Article 45 of the 1992 Constitution, these heads of our national electoral body, become so pompous and intransigent the only time they know 'stop?' is when a Court of Law has ruled against them.

It happened during Dr Kwadwo Afari- Gyan's time.

Mrs. Charlotte Osei' s time too the same obstinate posturing of the EC was presented. Now under Mrs. Jean Adukwei Mensa the scenario has not changed wee bit.

The only difference is that whereas Afari- Gyan and his successor, Charlotte Osei were compelled to back down by court rulings, Jean Mensa is yet to face such judicial order, hence her seeming intransigence and fulmination knowing no bounds as of now.

If you ask us between the two whom we prefer, we dare say your guess is as good as ours.

The NDC had soft spots for Mrs. Charlotte Osei whilst the NPP prefers Jean Mensa.

The only point of departure is that coming from an organisation like the IEA- Institute of Economic Affairs, a Civil Society and CSO think tank and having played a lead role in the country's democratisation and constitutional process, especially the Transitional Amendment Bill to serve as a guide for the joint transitional team after a changeover in government, Mrs. Jean Mensa with the experience garnered with the benefit of hindsight at the IEA, must not lend herself wieldy of manipulation nor allow the EC which she now heads, to be the fulcrum for fueling tension in the country.

For her refusal to yield to demands of the opposition parties in 2016, Charlotte Osei was styled a prostitute.

Now if Jean Mensa also continues to dig in without budging or yielding to common sense what description must be given to her?

A “comforter” of the President of the land? Will this description be accepted and fair? Let's watch these things.

For whatever you did in the past has the proclivity or invariability to return to haunt you.


Columnist: The Punch Newspaper