Succinct advice to our about-to-retire Chief Justice, Mrs Wood

Chief Justice Theodora Georgina Wood 2 Chief Justice of Ghana, Georgina Theodora Wood

Tue, 3 Jan 2017 Source: Adofo, Rockson

By Rockson Adofo

In the judicial service like in any other corporate firm, the Line Managers,

Department Heads, Supervisors etc. are at times compelled to take the blame for the negligence of duty or the unprofessionalism in execution of duties by their subordinates or a staff member under them. This is the way it goes in the current world's corporate firms' operations.

In a few instances, I have had to put up my hands to accept blames for errors or negligence of duty by work colleagues under my supervision even though I was nowhere near their intentionally or mistakenly committed errors for which blame was being apportioned. When that happens, you privately have to rebuke whoever committed the error for which you as an innocent person have had to suffer before your superiors.

You warn the person to make sure that mistake never happens again and should the error be repeated, then you have to take the appropriate disciplinary action against the culprit in line with the company's established disciplinary procedures.

Much the same way, Mrs Theodora Georgina Wood, the Chief Justice of Ghana, must be ready to take a lot of flak from the public, and especially, from Rockson Adofo, for the obvious and clearly established corrupt practices by the court judges or the country's judiciary for which she is the head.

It is normal practice that the Heads of departments or corporate firms are often blamed for the faults of their subordinates or staff members and in the advanced world, some heads even do resign or are forced to resign their position just for the gravity of an offence or an administrative error committed by a worker under him/her of which the head was never aware of or had any foreknowledge.

It could be that the two letters that originated from the Chief Justice's office with her signature duly appended to them were written without her tacit approval but I still have to hold her responsible for such a clear practice of corruption or abuse of power.

It is only a corrupt and an unprofessional Chief Justice that would exhibit such obvious acts of outrageous judicial corruption with intent to twist justice in favour of the rather guilty party.

I know from the bottom of my heart that Mrs Theodora Georgina Wood would not behave that irresponsibly by authoring such letters directed at obstructing justice from being established in the ongoing Kumawu Chieftaincy dispute. It could be one Opoku Acheampong, the Judicial Secretary at the Chief Justice's office who authored those two letters for reasons best known to him.

However, the Chief Justice must be held squarely responsible for that act as long as it is illegal and does not conform to normal legal practice yet, originating from her own office.

I pray she comes out to deny that she authorised those two letters aimed at

scuppering the ongoing Kumawu chieftaincy case. With the information available to me and those I am privy to, coupled with the facts and evidence already in the public domain regarding the Kumawu chieftaincy dispute, there is no way that I shall sit back to allow whoever to twist the truth to suit their self interests.

I demand nothing but the TRUTH and JUSTICE from the Chief Justice and her outfit. I believe she would not want the memories of the Kumawu chieftaincy case to haunt her unto death.

Please, Madam the Chief Justice, do the right thing and you will never have to worry about anything or about losing any sleep over Rockson Adofo going to write about you or not.

Di asempa na emmusa woti” “Wo di asempa a Ntiamoa nku wo” so Akan proverbs go. Do good and you will have no cause to worry about anything!

I admired the Chief Justice when she acted to sack some judges from the judicial service following the exposure of corruption within the service by Ace Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas where some judges were accepting money, goats, sheep, cats, dogs, yams etc. for bribe to twist justice in favour of the otherwise guilty parties. Why should she in the next breath be seen acting contrary to the ethics of the law profession as far as her supposed untoward attitude to the Kumawu case goes?

If she will allow herself to be influenced by some purported Asante Overlord, some President and a First Lady who are her church members etc. then so be it if the no nonsense Rockson Adofo begins to express his candid opinion about her attitude vis-Ã -vis the Kumawu chieftaincy issue.

I shall continually tell the truth as it should no matter what.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson