Joe Ghartey Charges NPP Youth To Adopt

Mon, 4 Apr 2011 Source: Osei, Andrews Owusu

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BY: Andrews Owusu Osei


“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only

an adventure wrongly considered” (Gilbert Keith Chesterton)

The youth wing of the NPP UK and Ireland Branch sought audience with the Deputy

Attorney General and Minister of Justice in the erstwhile Kuffour government on 1st

April 2011. The current Member of Parliament for Essikadu-Ketan in the Western

Region and Minority Spokesperson on Constitutional, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs

was the second person to have been invited by the youth wing on a programme dubbed

‘An Evening With’.Honourable Joe Ghartey was invited to speak on wide range of

issues .

Mr. Ghartey challenged the youth to work very hard to protect the ideals of the New

Patriotic Party. Mr. Ghartey said the youth should not be ashamed whenever they

are ‘accused’ as being members of ‘Property Owning Democracy’ because such

statements in fact,reinforces the principles of perseverance and hard

work.Honourable Ghartey recounted that the formation of pressure groups and the

fight of Ghana independence evidences the importance of owning and protecting

property. He further indicated that property owing per se, is not just about owning

houses as it has literally been defined but includes facet such as the ‘right to

life’. Mr. Ghartey also said the beliefs of NPP as enshrined in its constitution

is not only Conservative but also to collaborate with the Liberal ideals in building

a country which cares about its people, and also protect the rights and freedom

of the citizenry. He recounted that evidences of

the liberal ideals of NPP which include the creation of state intervention

measures such as LEAP, NYEP, NHIS to support the ordinary

Ghanaian. He therefore charged the youth to speak about these social intervention

measures with pridebecause these form the basis of NPP beliefs which should be



Mr. Ghartey encouraged the youth to adopt a principle of offering the resources

available to them at the right place and at the right time. Mr. Ghartey retold a

story in the bible about Joseph of Arimathea who offered his tomb in a carved stone

for Jesus to beburied. Honourable Ghartey posited that Joseph Arimathea offeredthe

tomb which was meant for his own burial because he recognized that it was

the most viable resource to offer that time. Honourable Joe Ghartey encouraged the

youth to adopt such principle and put the party above self interest. He charged the

youth to seek their ‘own Joseph principle’ in supporting the party in the

impendingelection. Honourable Ghartey shared his own experience of having to keep

vigil to protect ballots boxes during the 2000 election. Hetherefore encouraged the

youth to identify key the roles they couldactively play in ensuring free and fair

elections in 2012. He took e view that people have

different talents which must be used at the‘right place at the right time’.

Mr. Ghartey encouraged the youth to be guarded in their communication and not to be

allowed to be dragged into politics of insults and attrition. He said there so many

successes of the NPP which should rather be debated and communicated and therefore

the youth should remain focused in discussing what the party stands for.

Mr. Ghartey noted that Ghana and Ghanaians is a model country and people in the West

Africa sub region, which has become very attractive for investors by 2008. It was

therefore important that suchan environment is maintained to ensure the

country’s continuousdevelopment.

Columnist: Osei, Andrews Owusu