Can A Coup In Ghana Or Africa Solve Our Problems?

Mon, 8 Nov 2004 Source: Sawyer, Samuel

It is discouraging to read from some of our former head of states in Africa to predict for coup instead of predicting for development.

Even before finishing counting the ballots in United States of America, John Kerry rang George Bush to congratulate him for four more years.

It seems the black African continent copy from the US and Western style, but I am afraid the African leaders do not copy their developments.

I heard so many speeches Bill Clinton made in respect of US campaign, but there was not one time of predicting coup.

Former president Rawlings said the only a government of the NDC that value all Ghanaians as equal partners in the nation building and should be treated as such. If he knows that, then what are Rawlings problems? Ghanaians are going to vote to choose the right man for the right people.

Has J. J. Rawlings forgotten that Africa has seen wars every day since its liberation, and the most powerful nations have put more resources into arms and wars of self interest, than they have invested in nation building?.?

Are there not colonial masters who taught us to make coups. How many times Britain or the western world has made coup? What benefit shall we achieve after his so called coup? Does he own Ghana?

Mr. J.J. should leave the poor people alone to choose the leader they want. It does not matter if NDC or NPP who wins the election. Africa is deeply submerged in the world economy... it is not true that African countries are isolated from the world, but the problem is that instability of government and unnecessary coups are our downfall.

Africa is becoming pooper whereas the world is becoming richer and Africa?s poor are increasing in numbers. The UNDP report in July shows that the gap between Africa and the world has never greater than today. According to UNDP report, Sierra Leone is the poorest country in the world because of the civil war. Ghana economy is not all that bad comparing to other war zones or countries that had experienced civil war in Africa.

After the votes in US, they are campaigning for unity. Africa is sick and dying of aids, malaria and tuberculosis, instead of wishing peaceful government, J.J. is beating coup drums. Not only Ghanaians intend to invest in Ghana, in economy sense, which investor shall invest in a country where it is not stable.

Samuel Sawyer (A banker)Norway

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Columnist: Sawyer, Samuel