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Sympathy for weeping Mzbel and appreciation for her wise advice to Barren Women

Mzbel Twins Dies MzBel

Mon, 4 Jan 2021 Source: Rockson Adofo, Contributor

When you stay longer with your pet, you cultivate intense love for it. When you lose it, you will become very upset. How much more losing your child, whether adopted or a biological one? You will be so worried to the point of harming yourself if you were not comforted by loved ones and shown some restraints.

Subsequently, l understand Mzbel getting saddened, shedding tears and regretting forever adopting children of living parents. However, l shall advise her to cease weeping any further but to concentrate on her own single seed of her womb while listening to, and obeying, her own words of wisdom to barren women.

My sympathy goes to her in these trying times of hers. For a while now, she has become a topic of discussion and a trending celebrity in Ghana for all good and bad reasons. Nonetheless, she could be seen to be a well-raised woman. She talks less, but she is full of wisdom. She is measured and well calculated in whatever she says. She is a woman I perceive to be overflowing with wisdom.

Mzbel, cheer up, for all is not lost. It has happened to you once, twice, but don't let it happen a third time. Be the doer of your own wise advice to barren women. You do advise them not to seek for children to adopt from living parents but orphanages.

Adopting a child from a loving parent is same as having a foster child. The child will one day return to his or her parents. However, adopting a child from an orphanage, where both the child's parents are dead and is rejected by their extended family members, the child will become yours forever.

Mzbel, thank you for showing much appreciation for your friend who foresaw the value in having your own child hence compelling you not to cause abortion when you became pregnant. She is now your saviour as you have yourself acknowledged.

Ghanaian girls, please take your proper upbringing seriously to not conceive unexpectedly to end up causing unnecessary abortions to finally culminate in you not having a child of your own seed.

Cry no more, Mzbel, for all is not lost. You brought John up as your own and had good future plans for him but his biological mother for absurd peer pressure reasons, has truncated all such better plans you had for him.

I hope the mother of John does not live to regret her action that has caused Mzbel a heartbreak, in not too distant future. I pray she cares for the child properly but not to leave him to copy the wayward lives of some of the boys at Chorkor.

While asking readers to watch the video below in which Mzbel is weeping her eyes out, l shall end by asking her to observe the wisdom in the adage, " Once bitten, twice shy"

Finally, Ghanaian female youngsters, please value the advice given by Mzbel. Take your lives very seriously and should you grow up, don't only become career women to not want children but value your job more than anything else. If you do that, you will regret at a point in time in your life. A white person may not bother that much being childless but it is not so with our African or Ghanaian culture.

Columnist: Rockson Adofo, Contributor