T.B Joshua: Send 'Miracles' to Victims' Families or Be Held to Account

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Sun, 26 Oct 2014 Source: Igwe, Leo

By Leo Igwe

T.B Joshua has reportedly made a donation of R50,000 to families of victims of his church's collapse. And already some pastors are showering praises on him without questioning. People are already commending Joshua without understanding the motives behind the scheme of this pastorpreneur in Lagos. Families should turn down the donations and instead hold T.B Joshua to account.

Yes I urge all those who are already thankful and grateful to this self styled man of God not to allow themselves to be deceived by this 'Greek gift' and instead to pause, and for once and think about the Synagogue enterprise in Lagos.

First of all, those praising T.B Joshua for making this financial donation should ask themselves. How did he come about the money he is donating? Did the money come from God or from human beings? Who gave T. Joshua this money and for what? Is the Synagogue now a business venture? What work does T.B Joshua do to earn enough money to make such donations? Why should T.B Joshua send money not miracles to the families? He is a faith healer not a money maker. Why send the families money instead of raising the dead or faith healing the injured?

The answers to these questions are not far fetched. Prophet T.B Joshua is a businessman. He markets miracles. And people who come to the Synagogue are customers who purchase these miracles. Faith healing is a business and those healing schemes including the holy water and other so called anointed this and that which Joshua sells at the Synagogue are goods. T B Joshua generates income from this business scheme and like other businesses and companies he has earned enough to make donations and execute humanitarian projects. But do people know that what T.B Joshua is doing in Lagos is business? I do not think so. Do many people who go there know that he is marketing fake products. I do not think either. T. B Joshua uses humanitarian programs to legitimize his dubious miracle business schemes at the Synagogue. And this is what he has done now by donating money to the families of his church's collapse. But that is if the victims' families allow him to get away with it this time; if all critical thinking people back down from campaigning for him to brought to justice.

No one should allow T. B Joshua to get away with miracle schemes this times by making donations. No. Victims' families do not need your donations, prophet Joshua. This is the time to test the products you have been marketing over the years. This is the time to demonstrate the quality and genuineness of the goods which you have used to build your business empire. Joshua should exercise his faith healing and bring these victims back to life or shut down or be forced to shut down the faith healing business in Lagos. Joshua should administer the holy water to the dead and wounded so that they can recover and come back to life or be tried for marketing fake products. Where are the consumer rights protection agencies in Nigeria and in South Africa? Please rise to the occasion and bring this man to justice. Joshua claims to be dispensing miracle cures at the Synagogue. That is what he broadcast to the world over his Emmanuel TV. His faith healing claims made the victims to travel down to the Synagogue. And those faith healing powers have not ceased, have they? So this money-in-place-of-miracle programme cannot work this time. T.B Joshua should put his faith healing not business skills to work. Or Nigeria, South Africa and the world at large should bring him to account now.

Columnist: Igwe, Leo