TEIN of NDC Alumni Must Come On Board

Wed, 17 Aug 2011 Source: Ahmed, Musah



the ongoing political discourse, which undoubtedly explains the zeal of

political parties’ activists to promote their various political parties, most

especially the NPP and the ruling NDC, it is clear that 2012’s general election

is going to be a youthful match as far as various campaign pursuits are



unfortunate state of the youth activism in the quest for victory come 2012 have

been alarming and disheartening, most especially when young adults cast

insinuations against the elderly.

Some of us,

who form part of the youth wing of the ruling NDC party, feel compelled

sometimes to react to some of the unguided statements made by some NPP media

activists (like the High Priest, an NPP activist in the Ashanti region,

who likened the Sitting president to a chimpanzee and that of John Kumah,

the Deputy Communication’s director of the NPP, who also associated the God

fearing President Mills with homosexuality), but think it would not auger well

for the peace that Ghana has been enjoying since time in memorial, as we consider

that to be a recipe for putting our dear

nation in the state of anarchy.

As I have

come to really understand the caliber and the political prestige of President

Mills, I think it is irrelevant for any youth group most especially, members

and alumni of the Tertiary Education Institution Network (TEIN) of NDC, to

follow suit of what the desperate and heart-troubled NPP activists are

currently into, but rather concentrate on projecting the wonderful performance

of the NDC Atta Mills led administration.

Myself, like

many others are of the view that 2012 is going to be issue base, cutting across

the four thematic areas of transparency and accountability, investing in

people, investing in infrastructure and strong economy for real growth.


much have gone under the bridge for the consumption of Ghanaians, with or

without the admission of the opposition NPP, as people who were lacking good

drinking water, polyclinics, medical attendants etc. have been and being provided

with, whiles education in Ghana has received and is still receiving massive

facelift with the countrywide distribution of free exercise books and uniforms

to Ghanaian pupils, which is ongoing.

I believe

stated above and many more efforts, that are being displayed by the NDC

government in making Ghana better, even to the extend of ensuring continuity in

national development by continuing with projects started by the erstwhile

Kuffour administration.

The time has

come for the youth in our party, the NDC, most especially those of us members and

alumni of the Tertiary Education Institution Network (TEIN) nationwide,

to come on board to meet the opposition NPP “word-for-word” but not

“boot-for-boot”, and I mean not with insults and insinuations against the

elderly. This I believe would bring to bare the negative propaganda of the NPP

in trying to make the government unpopular.


admonished myself and other TEIN members and alumni to come on board, I prey

the party to engage and involve TEIN and its alumni in Constituency, Regional and

National activities. This, I believe would enhance

the propagation of the wonderful performance of the Atta Mills led

administration and thus lead to the victory of the NDC, come 2012

Long live

the good people of Ghana.

God bless





past president)


Education Institution Network (TEIN) – Kumasi Polytechnic Chapter.


/ 0267-571-107.

Columnist: Ahmed, Musah