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TV License Act 1966 (NLCD 89), the need to amend or repeal it!

Tv Licence3 The TV license act dates as far back as 1966

Tue, 9 Jan 2018 Source: Raphael Kumah Abolasom

In as much as I am not against revenue mobilization, there’s the crucial need to take a second look at the TV license act!

However, before I move on, there’s also the need to correct the erroneous impression created by those who have joined the propaganda bandwagon to blame the current government for the TV license act.

The TV license act dates as far back as 1966 (NLCD 89) and was passed and reviewed at a time when GTV was the only TV station in the country. If it were still those times, I believe nobody would have had any problem paying the fee.

However, In this modern era, where there’s proliferation of media houses and also at time where we have access to many many decoders, it will be unfair for one to be jailed because of TV license fee. I strongly share the opinion, that this particular act has outlived its purpose and there’s every need to repeal it! A pertinent question that needs to be asked is, if we are to pay for watching GTV, then will it be fair not to pay extra for watching the other private TV stations? After all, they’ve all migrated from analogue to digital. I will suggest, that if GTV wants its fees, it should operate like DSTV where it becomes “pay as you watch”. 1966 is not the same as 2018! We’ve advanced!

Permit me to share an analogy be another citizen:

Currently, a prisoner is being fed GHC1.8 per day. If TV license courts are set up and people are jailed for the non-payment of GHC36 annual (domestic) TV license fee, it implies that, Ghc55.80 will be spent on only feeding, thus:

Ghc1.8 x 31 days =55.80 There are 7 months in a year that has 31 days, meaning Ghc 55.80 x 7 =390.60

There are 4 months in year which has 30days.

Therefore: Ghc1.8 x 30days = Ghc 54.00

Meaning, Ghc 54.00 x 4 =Ghc 216.00

February has 28days which is =Ghc 50.40

Hence Total amount for feeding =Ghc657.00

So, for only feeding, the state will be spending Ghc657.00 on a “TV license prisoner for 1 year; medical bills and that of clothing allowance are yet to be added. So the question is, is it prudent to spend such amount of money to retrieve Ghc36.00? Who loses? Is it worth it?

The government should not allow some of these outmoded acts/laws to give it negative publicity! Mr. President whatever possible that needs to be done to repeal some of these nuisance acts/laws should be done. Fortunately, the government has overwhelming majority in parliament to be able to push some of these issues through.

The way remains 4ward!!!

Columnist: Raphael Kumah Abolasom
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