Teachers must wear ‘professional uniform’ like other professionals

7000 Teachers Quit Annually GNAT 640x375 Uniforms will give teachers some 'official' recognition in the public space

Tue, 6 Oct 2020 Source: Counsellor Daniel Fenyi

Nurses, doctors have uniforms. Lawyers have uniform. The Services and Forces like Police, Immigration, Army, Fire Service have uniforms. Most recognised professions have uniforms except the teaching profession.

However, teachers have received the news of "professional uniform" with mixed feelings. While some think that it's good for teachers to have their own uniform, others vehemently oppose the idea.

Counsellor Daniel Fenyi, who spoke to Green 88.5FM last Friday morning, made an appeal to the Government to consider introducing uniforms to the teaching profession just as they have introduced the Teacher License. He argued that teachers spend a lot of money on clothes and dressing, meanwhile, they are not given any clothing allowance.

Counsellor Daniel also decried the shabby and faded dresses some teachers take to school. He thinks that when a uniform is introduced, it will reduce the cost of dressing and also reduce the shabby dressings of some teachers.

Counsellor also added that a uniform will give teachers some "official" recognition in the public space such as the bank, hospital, transport, etc just as the police, nurses gain recognition when they go to the bank, hospital or sit in public transport.

However, some teachers have kicked against Counsellor Daniel's appeal. They feel a uniform will reduce their status and make them appear childish.

Columnist: Counsellor Daniel Fenyi