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Mon, 12 Feb 2018 Source: Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim

We are in a modern world, we are in a technological era, where less value and attention is given to human beings while much value and attention is geared towards technological gadgets such as mobile phones, television, games and social media as well.

In fact, these technological gadgets have played a very important role in our lives by providing us the power to do much work with less effort, minimizing cost and maximizing profit, the mobile phone, for instance, has speeded up our communications throughout the world, allowing businesses to go across borders, helping families to reach their relatives wherever they are.

It?s an undeniable fact that these gadgets and soft wares are very useful in our today?s world, in fact let me say, we can?t live without them, take the mobile phone and social media for example, where others make a lot of friends and share their ideas with each, find solutions to the problems.

It is however good if we would give a second thought to what is happening to our interpersonal relationships, culture, society and our children as a result of our much love for these gadgets.

Now let?s look at some of the realities of these technological gadgets, the high volume of gadgets full filling the day of our children might create a barrier against some important values of our society, such as, interpersonal relationships, the ability and willingness to deal with people and actually socialize with people positively.

Many people have argued that the rapid development of technology is leading to the loss of our traditional cultures, and those are antagonistic to each other.

The fact cannot be denied that as we are grasping these technological gadgets more and more tightly, our hold of interpersonal relationships is also getting loosened.

The funny thing is we are addicted to it without even realizing it and we are unconsciously training our children how to also get addicted, it?s sad, I have seen children who are addicted to mobile phones and their parents see it to be normal, of course I know others will try to justify that, it will broaden the child?s mind, but on the contrary, great thinkers and successful men of the past reached a state of high self-esteem without necessarily using these gadgets during their childhood stage. Current people of greatness have the least of their time apportioned for these gadgets.

Even those who manufactured them give less time to them, most children prefer to be with their parents phones than to be with their parents. You can see a parent talking to a child whilst his full concentration is on phone, probably browsing social media at the very least, or sex links.

These are societal problems we see and write on, as to whether people go by them, we submit that to our common Almighty, ours is to do the job of informing, the obeying choice is yours.

Columnist: Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim