Telcos CEOs must be prosecuted over unregistered sim cards – Security Analyst

Thu, 17 Oct 2019 Source: Starr FM

Security analyst Adam Bona has called for a legislation that will ensure that Chief Executives of telecommunication firms are prosecuted for not ensuring due registration of sim cards.

According to Mr. Bona, telecom firms have made it too easy to purchase a sim card even without the requisite identity card.

“You don’t have to produce an I.D card but you get to these shops and sim cards are already registered,” he said.

The call comes on the back of the announcement by the communication ministry that all sim cards must be re-registered next year. Per the announcement, subscribers who do not comply will have their accounts deactivated after the June deadline.

According to government, the move will help track down persons who use their phones to perpetuate crime.

Mr. Bona also appealed to policy makers to criminalize the use of unregistered sim cards so that the security agencies can easily fight crimes in the country.

Source: Starr FM
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