Tell Us 17% Isn't Your 'Better Ghana' Agenda, Mr. Mahama!

Fri, 22 Jan 2016 Source: Lungu, Prof.

By Prof Lungu

Every Ghanaian will agree!

17% of Jubilee Oil Field revenues for Kwame Nkrumah's Ghana is an epic scam!

You cannot be serious about "growth", "inclusive development", and a "Better Ghana" when Ghana is not getting its fair share of oil revenues in the first place.

Every Ghanaian will agree that you must first get your fair share of Jubilee Oil Field revenues before you can manage your oil and gas revenues for growth that is real, inclusive, equitable, and sustainable.

Anything less is a fraud, a scam!

So, when politicians and bureaucrats in Accra, sat in their "Big Mens' offices and clung to the so-called Ghana Hybrid System like a fetish and Ghanaians lost $6 billion while hoodwinked on "Oil Revenue Management", that was not growth.

That was not Fair Trade!

That was not equitable Oil Share!

That was a $6 billion loss to Ghana over 5 years!

That was a $6 billion "Trojan Horse", an epic swindle in the annals of Ghanaian history!

GOGIGS "Oil Revenue Management" Trojan House Epic Swindle:

It' was a scandal when they trampled upon the PSA and collected $6 billion in addition to their profits. They called it "Ghana Hybrid System". It was a Trojan Horse* of epic proportions, and still is. In the bait and switch, the United Kingdom and American private interests used just $29 million to take that $6 billion from Ghana while Ghanaians were hoodwinked on "Oil Revenue Management".

*Original cartoon and credit by/to Mr. Gary Varvel, Indy Star,

(http://www.indystar.com/staff/6361/gary-varvel/ ).

That was a $6 billion "Oil Revenue Management Trojan Horse", and still is, unless Mr. Mahama stops it right now. Unless Mr. Mahama tells Ghanaians the so-called Ghana Hybrid System is not a part of his "Better Ghana" agenda.

When will it stop, Mr. Mahama?


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