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Telling the Awuku story

Sammi Awuku, NPPEDWDASA National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party, Sammi Awuku

Sat, 10 Apr 2021 Source: Alhaji Iddi Muhayu-Deen

Some people call him the Agitator-General during our days in opposition; others call him the Capo; but for those of us in the NPP Youth Wing, he is simply the Supremo.

He is, without doubt, our all-time finest Youth Leader. Much as we were fortunate to have a perfect replacement in his immediate successor, an AWUKU will always be an AWUKU.

A name that embodies humility, can-do-spirit, generosity, hard work, versatility, team work, charisma, compassion and accomplishment. SAMMI AWUKU is and will always be one step ahead of his contemporaries. You just cannot beat him in any contest. Just ask for whatever you want and you will find it in SAMMI AWUKU.

I dare say, AWUKU is, till date, probably the foremost young person in Ghana to have reached the very pinnacle of youth leadership, or if you like, the self-actualization stage of Maslow hierarchy of needs. He’s the most successful National Youth Leader of Ghana’s biggest political party, the NPP, having led the party’s youth to chalk an unprecedented electoral feat in 2016.

During his reign as the NPP National Youth Organizer, AWUKU’s astounding leadership credentials was recognized by his counterparts across Africa following his election as the President of the Association of Youth Organizers in Africa.

He also became the President of the Young Democrat Union of Africa (YDUA) and then Vice Chairman of the Young International Democrat Union (IDU), which is the youth wing of the global alliance of all centre-right political parties in the world.

No wonder today, three years after his exit from the youth wing of his party, AWUKU is still the STANDARD for determining who best qualifies to be a National Youth Organizer in any political party in Ghana particularly the NPP and the NDC.

Not only that, AWUKU is also the yardstick for measuring the performance of National Organizers of political parties. You would notice that the NDC’s Joshua Akamba is being pooh poohed by his own party people for failing to match the AWUKU standard.

Having delivered as an NPP Deputy National Communications Director; delivered as an NPP Youth Activist; delivered as an NPP National Youth Organizer; and delivered as an NPP National Organizer, SAMMI AWUKU now tells the whole world that he thinks he’s given ‘all his all’ to the NPP, and has little to add. He says he has decided to take a break from the NPP headquarters, and so, he wouldn’t be seeking re-election or elevation.

Much as some of us disagreed with him on the basis that we think it will be difficult for the party to fill the vacuum his departure will create; we respect his decision. We are however comforted by the fact that the NPP still has a NANA-B, who proved to be a PERFECT REPLACEMENT for AWUKU when the latter exited as Youth Organizer. It is most probable that NANA-B will again prove to be a PERFECT REPLACEMENT for the exiting AWUKU, as National Organizer.

Without seeking to stampede the President in respect of his appointing authority, we the NPP youth sincerely think that as SAMMI AWUKU takes a break from the party headquarters, the President should consider appointing him into his government.

AWUKU’s agelong loyalty, hard work and dedicated service to the NPP cannot just go unrewarded. If we had our way, we would submit that SAMMI AWUKU is much deserving to be offered the most sought-for CEO appointment in this government in order to send the right signals that there is appropriate reward in hard work.

Supremo is the man of the people, for the people and by the people. He is loved, adored and cherished by people from all walks of life.

He is loved by students, youth activists, political activists, market women, industry players, the media, celebrities, party grassroots, the middle class, the country’s youth and more importantly by the Ghanaian people. Need I or need I not say more to complete the AWUKU story!!!

Columnist: Alhaji Iddi Muhayu-Deen