Thank God the days of coups are no longer with us

Wed, 18 Jan 2012 Source: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku

"GHc41, GHc58 or GHc92 million is secondary. The primary question is; does Woyome deserve anything at all? My contention is that I want to be shown the evidence that he deserves anything before I even look at the issue of quantum. Both issues in my view are mutually inclusive but the issue of locus is primary" - Randy Abbey

When Kufuor used to open himself up for people from all walks of life to question him about his stewardship in that novel "peoples assembly" concept, the NDC described it as a sham.Today, we have a comic theater where the, Koku 'the bull' Anyidoho, picks and chooses friendly journalists to sing the praises of a failed leader as saint Atta-Mills, and these same NDC people are gloating? Lord have mercy!!!

The quantum of judgment debts, and the speed with which saint Atta-Mills has been dishing out to NDC financiers must surly be added to their collection of "top achievements”. The interesting aspect of these pay-outs is the fact that they are authorized by finance and justice ministers who are both cabinet ministers, but without the knowledge of saint Atta-Mills who heads cabinet meetings. What a kindergarten style of governance is this?!!!

Any Ghanaian who dares express a view, contrary to that of NDC propagandists, vis-à-vis, the raging Woyome-gate scandal, is described as an NPP.Now, if the NDC says Mr.Amakye-Boateng has no credibility because he says saint Atta-Mills will lose this year's elections, then how will they describe Kwesi Pratt who claims to be CPP but now dabbles as chief presidential adviser? The stench of NDC's hypocrisy is akin to that of the famous 'lavender-hill' at Korle-Gonno.

This foolish act of senseless vilification of decent people who are not prepared to be party to this state sanction fraud, has been taken to the doorstep of even the Attorney General. This has gotten the man very hot under the collar and he believed it was about time he came out to defend his image and call the bluff of these hired NDC mental patients masquerading as journalists.

In his punchy and no-hold-bar press release, Mr. Martin Hamidu said: “I will speak to the media when it is absolutely necessary to do so but I will not discuss people’s rights and cases in the media to prejudice their eventual procedural rights to a fair trial. The ethics of the legal profession and the Bar, of which I am the leader, are more sacred to me than that of young and inexperienced members of a communication team of the NDC who are absolutely ignorant of the functions of an Attorney-General under the Constitution of Ghana”

The health status of a president

For example, Charles Takyi-Boadu is being crucified by these foolish NDC juveniles for a simple question about saint Atta-Mills' health status. And what I have noticed about saint Atta-Mills himself is that, whenever he is quizzed about his health, he becomes edgy and responds with cheeky answers but what he seems to forget is the fact that, as a president, issues surrounding his health is suppose to be public record since it is the sweat and toil of the ordinary Ghanaian that pays for his medical bills. The last-time he was quizzed about his health, he impertinently retorted that notorious “we all have hospital cards” pronouncement. This time round, he said he after he has been made to undergo a full medical check, he was also going to select some people to be examined as well.

But what saint Atta-Mills fails to understand is that, his medical bill, as a president, is being paid for by the taxpayer.Therefore, the constitution empowers us, as full-blooded citizens of this nation, to probe into his state of health.Conversely, he has absolutely no authority, under the laws of Ghana, to ask for an investigation into health status of any Ghanaian who pays for his/her own medical bills, as he sought to portray.

2012 minus 14 equals 1998

Again, saint Atta-Mills was asked about what he could do to get compensation for a young-man who had been wrongfully jailed 14yrs and his answer was that "where was Atta-Mills 14yrs ago"? meaning, he had absolutely nothing to do with the case and therefore he must not be blame for it.however,if you subtract 14 from 2012, you'll get 1998 which clearly points to the fact that this young-man was jailed at a time saint Atta-mills was a sitting vice president.

Even our members from the legal fraternity have also been caught up in this Woyome-gate scandal. I have heard lawyers of Osafo-Marfo and some pro-NDC lawyers giving different interpretations to Osafo-Marfo's refusal to appear before EOCO to answer questions regarding the Woyome-gate scandal. While NDC lawyers are against Osafo-Marfo's action, his lawyers are supporting him. This is why i have always seen medical doctors as more useful to humanity than lawyers because you can never find two medical doctors disagreeing over the illness of a person after diagnoses.

Fellow Ghanaians, I would like to make a disclosure which some people might receive with mixed feelings but I have decided to put it out there for people to think deeply about it: some classmates of mine who are now top-brass in our nation's military, have been expressing some sentiments about saint Atta-Mills' performance and all i can say for now is; Ghanaians should just cross their fingers and see how the voting pattern of our security forces is going to be in the December elections.

Increasing petrol price with pain

Saint Atta-Mills said he had to increase petrol prices with great pain and my question here for him is; can he give us a time in our nation's history where a leader, has even increased the price of petrol with great joy? Is saint Atta-Mills not the same person who promised to reduce petrol price drastically at the time Kufuor had also increased petrol price with great pain?Indeed,if this is not the height of hypocrisy, then somebody please tell me what it is.

The core mandate of EOCO

On 11th January,2012 edition of joy-fm ‘top story’, the executive secretary of EOCO has just said on joy-fm that the mandate of his office is to come up with "only criminal evidence, and not the facts of a case".however,Saint Atta-Mills told journalists on Monday, 9th January 2012 that "i have asked EOCO to go into the Woyome issue and get me the facts".Now,does this mean the president has no knowledge of EOCO's core mandate?

EOCO falls under the attorney general so the report it is going to come up with, as regards the Woyome gate-scandal, will be presented to the AG.However, this very same AG who will be relying on the so-called facts EOCO is going to come up with, is already in court saying Woyome had no contract with government of Ghana.oh, what a ‘kweku ananse’ story!!!

Broad-day looting of state coffers

“How can I be that wicked and so heartless to pay such a huge amount to someone”? –saint Atta-Mills. This pronouncement by the president clearly points to the fact that a total quantum of GHC92m dished out to Woyome is an act of wickedness and heartlessness. The question then is; if this judgment debt to Woyome was legal, then how could the president have described it as “wicked and heartless”?

The way these NDC appointees and their cronies are getting themselves embroiled with broad-day looting of state coffers, I believe it is going to be very easy, for even a first year law student to sit on their cases as a judge, and successfully prosecute, find them guilty and throw them into jail, under administration of president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

When NDC's 2008 party manifesto was found to be fraudulent, they quickly came up with the 'KING JAMES' version. When it came to light that saint Atta-Mills has received a fully furnished mansion as a token, they came out with a 'KING JAMES' version of letters showing otherwise. When it came out that ghc92m belonging to Ghanaians had been stolen and given to Woyome, the NDC,once again, has come up with a 'KING JAMES' version of auditor general's report.Now,could it be that the famous KING JAMES BIBLE was written with the help of these NDC gluttonous pigs?

Finally, I would like to say that; Saint Atta-Mills must thank his stars that the days of coups-d'ats are no longer with us, else, the level of monumental corruption and totally confused manner he running the nation would have made him a very genuine target for the military, long-time ago. And trust me; such an overthrow would have been extremely popular with the current suffering masses.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei

E-mail: justnoff@yahoo.com

Columnist: Newton-Offei, Justice Abeeku