Thank you Ghana for voting against illegality at the UN

Sat, 23 Dec 2017 Source: Fadi Dabbousi

They were given an inch, and normally one would expect that they would have taken a foot as is normal human practice. You know it is human nature, injustice being an inalienable part of being just that.

However, a foot was not enough for them so they swallowed the whole body which was too big a mouthful. As the struggle continues to contain it in the mouth, some parts remain freely arrested, hanging in the air waiting for the seemingly obvious.

Israel, you would think, is that snake that is fighting hard to push down the frog that turned out to be more than what it could chew.

The canes of the lifeless twigs and branches strewn on the forest floor are causing it more damage than it needs because as it struggles to swallow the frog, the dead foliage continues to beat it until someday it regurgitates its prey. I am certain that by then the frog will not be dead.

The Palestinians have been at the receiving end of a beleaguering dilemma caused by a plan hatched by Russia and England, which was implemented at the time of Ben Gurion. But that plot had been in the offing since the 1800s.

Initially, the idea was to hand Uganda over to the Zionists on a silver platter so that they would grow northwards into Palestine.

The other alternative was a plateau in Kenya that was to serve as a Jewish enclave. Then the audacious colonialists and sadists decided to put shoulder to Ben Gurion’s behind to cut the journey short by going for Palestine directly.

Recently, at an assembly of the United Nations, the Palestinian representative started his speech with quite a clever caveat to herald his submission. He said that one of Moses’s followers was killed by an Israeli.

There and then, the Israeli rep interrupted and stated emphatically that during the time of Moses, there were no Israelis. That was a knee-jerk test that served as a preamble to the relevant topic of Israeli aggression and illegal occupation at the UN sitting.

That notwithstanding, what disgusts me the most is the nerve that the Israeli government would issue a warning to Ghana not to make the same mistake next time of voting against its interest. That was naked, and a gross interference in the sovereignty of this country.

What will the Israelis say if Ghana gets angry at Israel and issues a warning? They will fart on us, but expect that we remain quiet while they have their way!

They never respect anybody, and certainly not us. They won’t even care what the heck happens to its staunch ally, the United States, so long as their interests are served; such a selfish lot. The daily impunity and arrogance they exhibit are but a small example of their vile mannerisms and gruesome disposition.

The Israelis ought to understand that Ghana’s vote against their occupation and theft of Jerusalem was never a mistake at all. On the contrary, I strongly believe that the government of our country will not capitulate to the arm twisting strategy of the illegal Israeli invaders of occupied Palestine.

The Zionists were the ones to formulate apartheid, which existed in South Africa for centuries. They supported it with every form of unconventional torture and pain. They are still practicing same in Palestine.

They have to understand that Jerusalem has, is, and always will be the Capital of Palestine. Israel is a canker in the body of the Middle East.

Although the leaders of the Arab world have been corrupted enough by the stupor of power, the people of the region will definitely march into Jerusalem and recapture the lost honour of both Christians and Muslims.

Then maybe the Zionists should have learned to swim very well because it would be a long long long swim to the shores of America where they might not even find a safe haven after all, when the time comes.

GOD bless Ghana for her courageous stand of voting against terror, horror, and the illegal coercion of Jerusalem.

Columnist: Fadi Dabbousi