Thanks And Congratulations To The People Of Ghana For Voting A New Government

Sun, 11 Dec 2016 Source: Amidu, Martin A. B. K.

: By Martin A. B. K. Amidu

I am lost for words with which to thank and congratulate the people of Ghana for the display of peaceful and mature representative democracy during the 7th December 2016 Presidential and General Elections that have just come and gone. I can only say that “more is thy due than more than all can pay.”

We, the qualified citizens of Ghana in exercise of our fundamental and undoubted constitutional and democratic right to choose for ourselves a President and Members of Parliament to govern our affairs for the next four years have rightfully and properly elected a new President and an accompanying parliament to facilitate good governance, democracy and the rule of law.

The decision that we, the majority of fellow citizens have, made at this year’s elections portends hope, expectations and anticipation in each of us who put Ghana First at the ballot for good governance, the rule of law, probity, accountability and transparency in the coming four years of the administration of the President Elect, his Government and the Parliament Elect. Ghanaians have by this ballot rightly served warning to our Government that we can no longer be taken for granted by a political establishment and elite of patronage, cronyism, lootism, and above all unbridled corruption of the winning political party.

I am particularly grateful and would always remain eternally indebted to you, fellow citizens, who voted for this change of a new President and Government for heeding my written, audio and video pleas for all patriotic citizens to join in the election of a new Government to guarantee that we can get back our GHC51.2million with all the accruing interest looted by the outgoing Government for its lootee, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, and have it refunded to the Republic of Ghana as ordered by the Supreme Court on 29th July 2014.

I also wish to use this opportunity to thank all fellow citizens who heeded the call that should we vote for this looter President on 7th December 2016 we would not have been able to get our money back because Mahama would have continued to protect Woyome as he has done since assuming office. Alongside the Woyome loot is the Waterville Holding (BVI) Ltd loot of over €47million with all the accruing interest ordered to be refunded to the Republic of Ghana by the Supreme Court on 14th June 2013, which this same outgoing President and Government facilitated to be looted and purposefully and selfishly failed or refused to retrieve it as ordered.

I had assured you, fellow citizens, that should you vote this President out on 7th December 2016 we do not need any further examination orally on oath of Woyome by me in person for you to get your money back. The new Government will have the duty of getting your money back in the shortest possible time because of the confidence you have reposed in it. It is my prayer that the in-coming President, his Government, and Parliament will reciprocate the trust and confidence reposed in them at these elections by getting our Woyome and Waterville looted monies back in the shortest possible time. I will return to the Court on 13th December 2016 to face the outgoing looter Government and lootee Woyome but I am confident as your former Attorney General, now a public interest Plaintiff, that I can hold the fort against the looter Government and lootee, Alfred Agbesi Woyome, until the new President takes office on 7th January 2017. The President Elect, an eminent and distinguished lawyer, knows I can!

This ballot has been for keeping the integrity of the public purse safe from the likes of an incumbent President who has not hesitated to facilitate and conceal a range of unconstitutional actions that in the end always left the people of Ghana poorer. Join me fellow citizens in praying that our President Elect, his Government, and Parliament Elect live up to our hopes, aspirations, expectations and anticipation in this matter.

I congratulate and thank you all, once more, fellow citizens for your Gargantuan efforts in heeding the advocacy of the various civil society and activist organizations in enhancing constitutionalism and democracy at this year’s elections in changing this Government. God bless you all, God bless the Republic of Ghana and may God let us always Put Ghana First.

Martin A. B. K. Amidu

8th December 2016

Columnist: Amidu, Martin A. B. K.