Ghana must go

Nana Akufo Addo Adisco President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

Ghana is one blessed country. It is endowed with so many resources. This amazes it’s neighbouring counties and goes beyond the borders of the continent.

Our economy’s resilience is a major factor why investors transact various businesses in the country and thus been named one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Its inhabitants are skilled and intelligent, this makes it easier for foreigners to cope.

The country is not only endowed with natural resources but has interesting places which serve as tourists attraction sites. Archaeology as a source of history has proven that many great men trace their origin to Africa especially Ghana. The fight against corruption and poverty is our topmost priority as a nation. With it’s peaceful environment, economic activities progresses.

Transportation of goods and services is a bit difficult due to bad road network.?The method of production cannot only be attributed to the state or private sector. It has been shared equally amongst these two. At the end of the day both parties have roles to play in developing the nation. Taxes extracted from these form of production helps in building the economy . The belief in economic growth has been the motivation behind entrepreneurship.

Our political scene has been either dominated by a party or two since Adam. While other nations change their system of governance, Ghana has been faithful to democracy. Men and women who have distinguished themselves once took the mantle of leadership. They preached alot of things including sustainable development and maintenance culture. But the question is have we for once paid heed to these things?Albeit,we have done our part as citizens. “No one is perfect" is an old adage which everyone knows and linking this to a country with different people from different cultural background is no exception. Power drunkenness, arrogance among others are the “spirits “of our forefathers. Instead of delegating decision making authority to its subjects, they rather prefer centralizing everything.

This act causes “red-tapeism”where civil servants or citizens sit and wait for instruction from ‘above”. This retards development.?Notwithstanding the fact that corruption can be minimized and not eradicated, it’s our collective responsibility to act as checks. This process will magically transform the nation. The media which is considered as the fourth arm of government must also play it’s role in exposing leaders who engage in such practices. A suggested way to fight these things is the confiscation of ill properties acquired by the masterminds. We have come a long way as a nation to deteriorate the system. The people who fought for our independence would be disappointed in this generation of leaders.

What are we looking for? Everyone seems to be going the wrong way to get rich,Qualified and able men are not given the chance to deliver (no opportunity to exhibit their skill). Unqualified and stomach civilians are the lucky onesHow can you put the finances of a whole nation in the hands of greedy folks.‘They have their head abroad and back down here’. What are we gaining from all the exposure.

Rather,we are embraced with crass incompetence. Until we change our attitude towards work and obey the rules of economic growth, we have a long way to go.

Columnist: Dexter Lennox Mensah /Dmensah131@gmail.com/