The Accountant General Must Stop Sabotaging The Government Or

Sat, 6 Oct 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Ever since the unfortunate death of President J.E.A Mills on 24th July 2012, the Accountant General has resulted to an indirect sabotage of the ruling government by deliberately refusing to pay teachers’ monthly salaries on schedule. When that happens, we hear a section of the teachers complaining that their salaries due them have been unduly delayed by President John Mahama’s government even though they are fully aware that their salaries are always paid by the Accountant General since Ghana’s independence in 1957 up to date 2012 others complain that the government is insensitive to their plight, however, this is never true, it is rather the Accountant General who is not only insensitive to the plight of Ghanaian teachers, but also very wicked and treacherous to teachers. With over 25,000 or so patriotic teachers whose salaries are always withheld with impunity, does the Accountant General want teachers to knock their mouths against the walls in their various classrooms or eat grass like cattle in their school gardens? I mean this wickedness on the part of the Accountant General must be stopped by the ruling government which is the employer of the Accountant General through an immediate transfer from that position at once. If he has been bought like a bag of maize by the fire-eating and desperate NPP Presidential candidate to behave that way to score cheap political points. He will fail as well as the NPP flagbearer himself I mean, what sort of inhuman treatment is he giving to the nation’s teachers since August 2012 up to date. Can you imagine that, at the time of writing this article on 4th October, 2012, teachers salaries were still not paid to them? It is time we start heating the “Nyass” of heads of public institutions to compel them to wake up to their national responsibilities or they get fired to be replaced by graduates who are patriotic nationalistic minded in this country. What pains some of us is that, the Accountant General and his staff are always the first to collect their salaries every month while with holding teachers’ salaries with impunity – I suggest that the Accountant General should be replaced and even sent to one of the remote villages without electricity where some teachers walk on foot to teach for him to also teach and experience the suffering of teachers in Ghana I hate some bunch of academic infidels and satanic technocrats who always frustrate teachers and make them unhappy monthly. Without apologies to anybody teachers are the torch bearers of the nation while journalists are the ears and eyes of the nation who are much feared by some corrupt party Executives and some Government officials, since Dr. Nkrumah’s presidency in 1957 to date 2012. I sincerely hope the Accountant General must treat this article with the seriousness that it deserves otherwise, I will decend on him so heavily that his neck will be broken by my pen in the next article and he will have no place to hide. If he is a “pataapa” man like Nana Akuffo Addo, let him dare me by refusing to pay the teacher’s salaries in time again” I am serious, and I mean serious business on social and political issues in this election year. May be, this heartless Accountant General wants Ghanaian teachers to boil their chalk, crayons, rulers, notebooks and pens to eat which is impossible. Let the teacher smile in Ghana and they will deliver intelligent & brilliant students for Ghana’s development is that clear?


This important institution is another indirect saboteur in Ghana. They always switch off electricity for months, without deducting the bills for the period that the lights were off. The E.C.G is the second goldmine in Ghana today. They did it to former President Rawlings from 1992 – 2000, they did it to former President Kufour from 2001 – 2008 and now they are doing it again to President John Mahama too – that institution needs a shake up or a general over hauling for negligence of duty because it is very stick and needs an urgent surgery.


Water is life, but officials of the Ghana Water Company are full of lazy supervisors who always sit in their offices without supervising their field workers, as a result of that they allow treated water to flow freely from burst pipes nationwide. Well, some people want employment but they don’t get any, therefore the officials of the Water Company of Ghana also needs a big shake up to ensure a better service delivery nation wide. Is anybody listening? Let them fail to live up to expectation once again and I will break their fat necks with by powerful pen. You mark my words.

Consumers are fed up with the poor service delivered by these two institutions when they pay huge bills in return for poor services. Shame on to you keep your fingers crossed for shall return when the need arise. From Obuasi, this has been Comrade Clement Sangaparee giving the indirect politicians wearing the clothes of some opposition parties in Ghana, some perpetual heartbeats. I am done

“Jaanbie Iwaii Aluta Continua!





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement