The Battle For the Soul and Future of the NDC

Sat, 21 May 2011 Source: Fela O Fela

Fela O Fela: The Battle For the Soul and Future of the NDC

As though recent developments in the NDC are not complex enough to all functionaries and sympathisers to understand, and equally disheartening to all lovers of our great party to bear, what makes matters worse is the barrage of the ignorant statements coming from long time memebers of tye party as well as fresh faces.

Though unacceptable, their abominable actions are excusable for they are all bound to fall flat on their faces in just a matter of time.

It would not have bothered me once if JJ was wrong and all these minor deputy ministers, pions, and downright nonentities or any other person, for that matter, would criticise JJ... (IF JJ WAS WRONG, that is)...

But for the man to be making perfect sense, and his statements having an appreciable level of truth, then this pions/nonentities of the deputy ministers kind to have the obnoxious audacity to insult and cast aspersions and what-not against what JJ stands for ...and at the same time not making any sense themselves, at the same time exposing their revolting ignorance... and at the same time some of them sounding like the true-to-form closet-NPP sympathisers that they are is some thing that some of us find quite troubling. It is an grave insult to our "unparalleled" intelligence.

It begs the question: if JJ is alive today, yet all these insults and sacrilege, all these utter abomination is visited upon him right in his face, one can only imagine the power struggle that would find place in the NDC should JJ not be around tomorrow.

If JJ is alive and well today, making sense and telling the bitter truth today, as he has always done as was being cheered on just before NDC coming back to power, yet he is being termed a USELESS MAN, A SPENT-FORCE, IRRELEVANT, A NOBODY and what-not, I truly wonder what people will say after his eventual demise.

For the benefit of those who may not understand, there is a serious power struggle in the NDC led by Ato Awhoi and some money-conscious opportunists, many of whom have had a fall-out with the Righteous Man over their discreet acts of corruption and outright greeeed!

....and these unscrupulous elements are now vigorously seeking to do away with JJ Rawlings' influence in the party, taking advantage of the constitutional limitations that forbids him to stand for office again, in order to CHAMPION their own course of presidential ambitions and insatiable quest for money and power. That is the root of the problem.

These are people who have no political message nor mass appeal whatsoever, and very much lacking in the larger spectrum of true leadership, but are rather seeking to unmake JJ Rawlings just so that they would look appealing to their compromised followers... and opportunistic as they are, they want to jump onto this already moving train or proverbial Yutong bus (of NDC's return to power on the back of the Rawlingses...or at least, on the back of JJ) and RUNNING WITH IT... And thus expect the indefatigable, righteous JJ Rawlings to just sit back and cry indoors (act like a statesman,as they call it) while EVERYTHING HE HAS EVER WORKED FOR OR STOOD UP FOR --by way of building an enviable and commendable "purist progressive political movement" that came to alleviate the masses of elitism and class struggle amidst ubiquitous culture of corruption (kalabule) and political instability (Ghana from February 24,1966 to June 4th, 1979) -- are being thrown to the dogs...and NOT EXPECT JJ TO PUT UP A GOOD FIGHT???

Kaiiii, the gods must be crazy ...to let that come to pass!

They say: "JJ SHOULD SHUT UP"....and behave like a statesman...

I say: "JJ, Boom Boom Forever...Until the bones are rotten"..

(Fela O Fela)

Columnist: Fela O Fela