The Behaviour Of Church Leaders In Ghana – Part Two

Wed, 19 Feb 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

Throughout the world, Churches partner governments in development, but in Ghana, the Church only partner one tribal political group in development when ever that group are in power. Which political tribal group is that? Answer. The violent prone NPP led by the Asante/Akyem politicians. This writer have given three clear examples below.

1. When the NPP decided on the re-denomination of the Cedi in 2007, the old Cedis were getting missing from the Bank of Ghana vaults in mysterious circumstances. Some workers of the Bank of Ghana got sacked when they complained about the missing cedis.

2. After the cedi was finally redenominated by the NPP government, all Church Leaders nationwide were busy educating their congregations about the features of the new cedi denominations.

3. In sharp contrast to the NDC government’s new Approved School Fees that should be paid by parents, the church leaders plugged their large ears and closed their eyes while some wicked and unpatriotic headmasters and headmistresses aligned to the NPP started collecting UNAPPROVED FEES from prospective first year Senior High School Students with impunity in order to make the NDC government UNPOPULAR.

Complaints from parents against such UNAPPROVED FEES prompted the Ministry of Education to setup a Secretariat to receive complaints and by January 11th 2014, the Secretariat had received over 300 complaints lodged against the Heads of Senior High Schools charging UN AUTHORISED SCHHOL FEES. On the front page of the “ Daily Graphic” of February 12th 2014, the paper reported that UN-AUTHORISED FEES KEEP JHS PRODUCTS OUT OF SCHOOL and the students were 40,000 in all and this means that the Heads of Senior High Schools are still charging these un authorized fees with impunity because it is their Gold Mine. These Headmasters and Head Mistress have the backing of Mr. Samuel Ofori Adjei, National President of the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) because he said that it is un constitutional to dismiss the Head Master of the Toase Senior High School in the Ashanti Region as it was left with only one (1) month for him to retire from the Ghana Education Service. Church Leaders could have come in handy to use their Pulpits to educate the masses and let them know that the NDC government was not insensitive to the plight of poor parents in Ghana, but they (The Church Leaders) will never do that because it is not their party in government but they would have done so quickly without waiting for instructions from anybody if the NPP was in power. Therefore Ghana’s church leaders are playing hide and seek with the NDC government led by Prez. Mahama. They are not partners in development at all- it is an eye service being shown by the Clergy. I owe no apology at all to these envious church leaders who like the NPP, cannot identify a political disaster when they see one.


On page 27 of the Daily Guide News Paper of Thursday February 6th 2014, the foul mouthed Methodist Bishop of Obuasi granted an interview to the “Daily Guide” reporter and told him that he (Bishop) hate the word “CHEAT” After reading what he told the reporter, I realized that the Bishop spoke before he thought or he was drunk before granting that infamous interview full of trash. Is the Bishop not in this country while Headmasters and Head Mistresses in Senior High Schools in Ghana openly cheat, steal and defraud prospective first year Senior High School Students with impunity? These Headmasters demand the following,

(1) Four pairs of school uniforms that have already been sewn by their wives

(2) Chalk

(3) Blocks to build their private houses.

(4) Shovels and pick axes

(5) Bags of cement

(6) Four pairs of canvass boots

(7) Ply wood

(8) Assorted text books sold by the school headmasters

(9) Floor tiles

(10) Buckets

(11) Vono mattresses

(12) Four pairs of mosquito nets

(13) Four pairs of black shoes

(14) Four pairs of bed sheets (white)

(15) Four pairs of electric irons

(16) Two pairs of gas cookers

(17) Four boxes of crayon

(18) Four pairs of suits

(19) Four pairs of track suits

(20) Four pairs each of window frames and door frames before one could be admitted into a Senior High School in Ghana under President Mahama’s government but when the government re-acted sharply through Hon. Alex Kyeremeh-Deputy Minster of Education, these unpatriotic SHS heads rather ganged up and started wide spread collection of un-approved fees with the support of CHASS and Ghana’s Church Leaders who refused to talk against the charging of these un-approved fees because their preferred NPP is not in power and if that is the case, what then shows that the Church is a partner of government in development? Bishop Ayensu rather love cheating instead of hating it. He must come again.

Is anybody listerning? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘Jaanbie Iwail” Aluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

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The Behavior Of Church Leaders In Ghana-Final Part

A revolution is launched to change the ATTITUDE and PERCEPTION of people towards SOCIETY. It makes them AWARE of the ROLES they are to play in society for the upliftment of HUMAN VALUES and for HUMAN PROGRESS, and that was exactly what the 31st December revolution stood for from 1982 to 1992 under the PNDC government.

During the PNDC era, former Chairman Rawlings offered appointments to some church leaders and they politely refused to accept such appointments citing several flimsy excuses.

In 1993, when Rawlings became a civilian President of the Fourth Republic, he again offered appointments to some church leaders in Ghana and they again refused to accept such appointments with the same excuses.

However, when the NPP won the 2000 elections because of Rawlings long stay in power, the same Church Leaders fell over each other to receive appointments offered by President Kufuor their preferred choice in Ghana.

What is the sense in building Churches and Universities only to graduate Spiritual Murderers and Wizards as well as Academic and Professional thugs and Pen Robbers? Truth be told, the world moves in MANY DIRECTIONS.

In my opinion, when society gets rid of the BIBLE, they have silenced GOD AND HIS VOICE and that society does not know where it came from and where it is going but will remain a MORALLY DECAYED SOCIETY FOREVER.

Ghana have not gotten rid of the Bible since Christians outnumber Moslems in the country, but the behavior of Ghana’s Church Leaders look, as if the Bible does not exist in Ghana as we now have some crooks in tainted cassocks indulging in all manner of criminal activities daily. We now have some Pastors or men of God who are Fraudsters, Armed Robbers, Wife snatchers, 419 gangsters, Fornicators, Drug Barons, Human traffickers, anti-government Bishops cowardly standing behind the Pulpit daily to castigate and denounce the NDC government of being insensitive to the plight of Ghanaians.

Dishonest as they are, they would never mention the 8 solid months that the violent prone NPP wasted at the Supreme Court when it took the whole nation to ransom.

They (church leaders) would never tell their flock that because of the infamous election petition sent to the Supreme Court by the NPP, many investors held back their money and decided to wait and see the end results since nobody will invest in an unstable country.

Twenty two (22) years of constitutional rule in Ghana is no mean achievement. The watch dog of Constitutional government is an Established Independent Judiciary, yet in the second Republic under Busia’s Progress Party government, there was no judiciary as it EXISTED ONLY IN NAME. Ghana’s Conservative Church Leaders fully supported that rotten tribal government of Dr. Busia which the NPP represent body 2014.

The NPP has a diabolical record which has brought UNTOLD MISERY to many homes with thousands of orphans in Ghana right from 1951, 1954 and 1956 and from 1966-1972. They are an embodiment of violence, indiscipline, tribalism, fraud and corruption who falsely claim to be Angles of Democracy.

Sadly and sorrowful as it is, they have the full support of Ghana’s Church Leaders who have a mis-conceived agenda torwards the ruling NDC government.

They always talk about Power Sharing when ever the NDC win elections and have Majority in Parliament, but when the NPP win elections- they talk about completely destroying the NDC which has always being an impossible attempt to under take, so whom are Ghana’s church Leaders deceiving?

Ghana is deeply a religious country with millions of church goers with FEW CHRISTIANS.

When it comes to practical demonstration of Love as preached by our religions, thousands of people are found wanting- they are ready to shed crocodile tears at the death of a fellow Christian than to pay for his hospital bills when he is admitted to hospital. Ghana’s church Leaders are losing their credibility because of the above principles.

The stability of the nation is being threatened by people including Church Leaders chopping down certain principles. Most church leaders under rate the intelligence of their church members once they stand behind the pulpit to preach. If questions were to be asked in our churches and contributions were to be made in our churches, most church Leaders would have been shocked when church members contribute to Gospel readings. Let every SOUL be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and the authorities that exist are appointed by God- Romans 13:1. The long standing Methodist anti-Rawlings campaign was initiated by the Re. Dr. Asante Antwi the immediate predecessor of Rev. Aboagye Mensah is well known for his daily personal insults on Rawlings when he was the first President of the Fourth Republic from 1992-2000 and beyond . We handled Rev. Dr. Asante Antwi very well.

The Catholic Standard of Sunday June 29th – Saturday July 5th 2008 commented on Failed Marriages on the increase in Ghana– Why and What are the reasons behind it? Church Leaders must find out and solve such problems and stop attacking the NDC unnecessarily. Methodist Bishops are welcome to the Political Platform in 2016. To the Methodist Church Bishops, we are fed up with their indirect political campaign against the NDC in their Various Churches in Ghana. They must form a political party and challenge the NDC in 2016 and stop their political hatred against the NDC government.

Is anybody listening? I shall return when the need arise. I am done ‘Jaanbie Iwail” Aluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement