The Broken Bridge

Bridget Marg This piece is in memory of Bridget Margaret Akosua Asogyaa Kyerematen-Darko

Sun, 24 Dec 2017 Source: Ralph Ashong

Glad tidings of Christmas resonated everywhere

Jingle Bells Jingled from dawn

And “Feliz Navidad” fizzled into the serene evening

Thursday, December 22nd it was

A merry baritone filled the media lab.

“Oh Come All Ye Faithful”

Hampers to climax the “Joy To The World”

Work and happiness, was the mood in the hood

As we hummed piped carols

To soothe the strain of our humped backs

And mop our beaded, sweaty brows.

We will not miss the Festival of Carols and Nine Lessons

For all the kenkey and fish in La, Labadi, and Labone

It’s 5:30pm…..and in a flash this man called Human Error

Crashed the bridge under our feet

But not enough time to gnash out teeth

And grilled Maame Akosua like tilapia

Our Beautiful, Merry Thursday

Turned into a black sorrowful sad Tearsday.

When that did not seem enough

Baamowuo dealt our bridge a final painful blow

Removing the life bolt that held body and soul together.

Our tears were drowned by the crashing, screaming silence of death.

Prayers and Hymns of faith and hope

Gave way to 59 dirges on her 59th birthday

Colanuts, Energy, Memory chips, Tears……

All consumed by the wicked duo, Human error and Baamowuo.

Nothing to reminisce, mourn and celebrate our broken bridge.

Won abo y?n abra y?n esuu

But forever is how long we will remember you.

Maame Akosua, Damrifa due! Due ne Amanehunu!

Nante br3br3! Nante br3br3! Br3br3, Br3br3!

Columnist: Ralph Ashong