The CPP is ready for government.

Sun, 6 May 2007 Source: Jeffrey, Peter

The CPP silent revolution to reshape the destiny of their country started some 5 years ago by a group of (PATRIOTS) technocrats, academics, politicians, businessmen, students, farmers, market women, unemployed youth and their Diaspora counterparts.

With majority of their compatriots marginalized, unemployed and excluded from the economy, the group began to formulate policies that would help to create jobs and fight poverty in their homeland. At the heart of their agenda is to uplift their country from abject poverty by giving every Ghanaian child an opportunity to succeed. The group believe in country before self. That phrase has become their has become their slogan. The CPP is back and the CPP are ready to form the next government come 2008.

The CPP are extending a hand of friendship to all Ghanaians who believe in social justice, economic development and the love for their country to come join them reshape Ghana. Ghana before self, Ghana deserves better.

Who are the CPP Patriots?

What makes the Patriots unique in contemporary Ghanaian politics is they were the last group of children to join the Young Pioneer Movement of the CPP in the early 1960s. The average age of the group at the period was 10 years old.

They boys and girls of the movement were taught to put the interest of Ghana before self. They were taught to love one another irrespective of tribe, religion or status in society. They were trained for leadership and saw themselves as the future leaders of Ghana. The discipline among the Young Pioneer Movement was phenomenal and their organisational skills were legendary. Many of the boys of the Young Pioneer Movement became the first of their family to go to school as results of Dr Nkrumah’s educational reforms...

At the period in question those who opposed the CPP regime and Nkrumah in particular branded the Young Pioneers as dangerous, brainwashed, and that they hero-worshipped Nkrumah. They were branded as an organ of the ruling CPP. That notion has been proved to be wrong as the events at the Ghana@50 celebrations attested to. Many of the Ghanaians who celebrated the Ghana@50 did not know Nkrumah. All that they know was Nkrumah was the father of the nation and that he fought to gain independence for Ghana. Yet at Ghana @ 50 celebrations Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s name once again dominated his country. Ghanaians now realised that Dr Nkrumah’s educational, social and economic policies were well ahead of his time. Ghanaians saw relevance of Nkrumah in today’s contemporary Ghanaian politics. What makes the celebrations more poignant is the emergence of those children that join the Young Pioneer Movement in the early 1960s. They are ready to serve their MOTHERLAND.

The 1960s Young Pioneers (the baby boomers) have emerged at this critical period in Ghana’s history when their services are very much needed… These children who were trained for leadership, the children who trained to put the interest of their country Ghana before self are ready to lead the CPP to form the next government. The loud reception given to the CPP PATRIOTS at the old POLO GROUNDS in Accra was a watershed in Ghana’s political history. The Ghanaian people have vindicated the CPP. The Ghanaian voters want CPP in government NOW. What an irony!

The Patriots allegiance is first and foremost to Ghana and not to Nkrumah as some propagated. The detractors of CPP saw the Young Pioneer Pledge as a vehicle for indoctrinating the children. This assertion was ridiculous and shows how these people went all out (24th February 1966) to destroy our country.

The code and pledge of the Young Pioneer Movement is relevant today as it was some 47 years ago. The discipline being shown today by the Patriots can be found in the discipline they were taught as Young Pioneers:

• To be always in the vanguard for social and economic reconstruction of Ghana and Africa. • As a Young Pioneer, I will be a guard of workers, farmers, cooperatives and all other sections of the community. The Young Pioneers Movement encouraged many boys and girls up and down the country to go to school. The movement gave the boys self-dignity and respect for their elders and fellow Ghanaians.

The Young Pioneer Movement was accused of brainwashing children in their care. After the overthrow of the CPP government, the Young Pioneer Movement was disbanded. The boys and girls of the Young Pioneers, aged between 8years and 18 years old, went their separate ways. Many went on to achieve success in their chosen careers.

What is in no doubt is many years after the Young Pioneers was disbanded, the boys never gave up their core philosophy of “country before self”. The young boys and girls of the Young Pioneers went on to become physicians, economists, accountants, lawyers, trade unionists, academics, businessmen, administrators etc. The boys and girls who were branded socialists turned out not to be what the detractors of the CPP wished, but rather successful individuals and social democrats. They do not believe in handouts and going round the world with begging bowl. The Patriots believe in helping people to help themselves by providing them with the skills and knowledge to succeed in this globalise world. The CPP Patriots believe in encouraging entrepreneurs by giving them access to much needed funds to create more jobs for the people. The CPP Patriots believe in creating the environment where people would be encouraged to be innovative. In an interview he gave to a Ghanaian radio station in London, Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa, a leading member of the CPP Patriots asserted that the CPP government would ensure no Ghanaian child is marginalised as result of tribe, status or religion. He pledged that under the CPP administration, every Ghanaian child would be given fair opportunity to become successful.

Just like the leadership training they underwent during their younger days in the Young Pioneers, the CPP Patriots have set up policy teams made up of highly skilled and market oriented individuals to look at every sector and the reforms they intend to pursue.

The CPP Patriots have pledged to give researchers the tools and funds to conduct research into areas that can aid the country to become a successful middle income country in the “shortest possible time”, a chip from the old man.

They have come out boldly to rebuild their country. They are exhibiting the leadership role that they were trained to become.

The CPP Patriots are restructuring the party that gave them the opportunity to become successful professionals. They want to give the same opportunities to the marginalised youth of Ghana.

The CPP Patriots have unleashed the formidable CPP organisational machinery into full gear and this is making the NPP and the NDC to run for cover. The CPP Patriots have made a meticulous analysis of the problems Ghana is facing and how they intend to find solutions to these problems. The dynamism brought to the Party by the Patriots has made the CPP more fashionable again as the increase in their members typifies. The average age of the Young Pioneers (Patriots) when the CPP government was overthrown was 10 years old. Now in their late forties and early fifties the CPP Patriots are reviving their mother party for government. Patriotic Ghanaians are encouraged to join them.

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Columnist: Jeffrey, Peter

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