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Sun, 17 Jan 2021 Source: Adjei Boakye

The good old Lord has been so faithful to us and Has always been our guide and comforter. This is a good day He has made and I want to discuss something with the masses. This has been my dilemma for almost a year now.

It's all about the church. It's time to think about the recent happenings in the church as Christians. Some will disagree but this is my opinion.

The Church In Focus

It's time for the church (the building and the members) to ship from its current position. It's time for us to make it attractive to the masses. Research has shown that less than 30% of the Christian community in Italy thinks about the church on Saturday or Sunday. Less than 20% of the Christian population thinks about its change in Germany..and it goes on and on. For Africa, it's worse and I think our Christian leaders should wake up.

A great paradigm shift is needed in the church settings. The era of praise him is over...and we need church leaders. The era where we use the depth of ones pocket to measure his/her sense of reasoning is over and I think we should go for the right leaders to lead the church.

The church should be a place of problem-solving..not just a building with some beautification. It should be a home of peace, joy and wise counselling. This place should be a house of personal development and growth. Yes! we have to pray as people but I think this is the time to go beyond prayers and fasting.

The church is expected to be an incubator, to incubate our future leaders. It's expected to groom the next set of Leaders with morals who can drive this country to its rightful position.

This holy place should be a place where someone can boldly share his or her problems without being judged. A place where backbiting wouldn't be entertained. A place where unity is the beacon. A church that can see beyond look.

I'm so worried because the church is gradually losing its relevance in society. It shouldn't be an inhibitor of progress and newness. It's not bad to give out to God, but the question is, what do our church leaders use the money for....?

Let me ask these few questions and I know you will understand me.

As a member of the church, when was the last time your pastor discussed business opportunities with you?

When was the last time your pastor discussed scholarship opportunities with you..?

When was the last time your pastor discussed the well being of his members which include the health status of the members....?

Without all these things in place, the pastors expect us to fill the 500 capacity building each and every Saturday or Sunday.

That place is a place of good morals, values and good ethics that can help guide the members and the next generation.

It's time to end that unnecessary pronouncement in the name of prophecies. This is the right time to groom and build our own which include good Christian leaders. Putting our people first should be the new mantra within the Christian circles.

Today is Sunday, and some do not feel like attending church because they don't know the essence of going to that place. The bitterness alone is driving away God's children and it's time to build our house.

God this is the time to help us build the house. We are your builders, and we don't want to labour in vain. Guide your people throughout and bless us with a third eye which can help us see beyond look. In Your hands we leave everything to. Amen.

Columnist: Adjei Boakye