The Church Of Latter Days Saints Of Kwame Nkrumah

Wed, 13 Jan 2016 Source: Baidoo, Philip Kobina

The grottoes of the Nkrumahist camp that churn out absurdities have gone quiet now. However, most Ghanaians who spared a bit of time on the electronic media for the past year had the opportunity of witnessing the birth of a new religion. It is strange religious franchise, which was cobbled together before our very eyes. It is a refined form of ancestral worship, but inherently it is crude and primitive, because they still have the totem pole, besides the ritual lies and deceptions shrouded in intangible beliefs fuelled by the prayers of the hopefuls. The lower echelons of the faithful are consigned to a life of grinding poverty and destitution while their sermonisers preach about an imaginary land of milk and honey from a capitalist haven – United States – i.e. if you believe in Nkrumahism. It is a mortal sin to be an unbeliever and you are labelled as an apostle of greed, selfishness and ‘imperialist stooge’ becomes your title.

They preach from their high altars that capitalism underwrote slavery, invented war, promote greed, encourage genocide besides all the evils of our generation right down to their ridiculous global warming mantra. The latter has its own religion with fanatical followers who distort evidence to fit their world view. This claim against capitalism, which can easily be debunked by any sophomore in a heartbeat is believed hook, line and sinker by their very smart apologists without checking the facts. This religion, a toddler’s belief, derives its fundamental tenets from the Marxian faith, which is also forged from erroneous interpretation of history. Based on the historical records the unbelievers are treated with extreme violence and subjects of mass murder like in the Gulag, Red China, Nazi Germany etc.

Despite its crudity it has a fine theology that mesmerises the believers, and sometimes even captivates the imagination of the unbelievers. I think a snippet will offer a window into what appears on the surface to be romantic and poetic even to the point of the sublime in its narrative, but in reality a virulent and malignant ideology, which celebrate slothfulness and mint corruption like copper coins – the bane of humanities problems. For example, the following words, ‘from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’ sounds so wonderful and romantic, but in reality there is a monster that lurks in every letter of that statement.

In the beginning was communism and communism was with the Marxian heaven. Through communism all earthly pleasures were established, and without communism was not anything made that was made. In communism is the true light of salvation; the light that illumines every socialist mind that inhabits this celestial body. There was a man sent from Utopia to bear witness of a romantic dream whose name was Marx. He was not the chosen, but was sent to bear witness of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro and last but not the least Kwame Nkrumah. Of course, Nkrumah came to his own, but was not received. As many as received him he gave them the power to become the congregants of Nkrumahism. Not those born of false economic beliefs, but of the spirit of socialist economics as preached by Keynes and his followers.

In the words of Nkrumah he preached that seek ye first the political kingdom, and everything else shall be added unto it. And their holy writ expressly espouse that he is the way the truth and the life no one cometh to the socialist paradise except in the name of Kwame Nkrumah. That is to say, economic salvation to the Ghanaian paradise is a function of Nkrumahism. For communism love Ghana so much it gave its only begotten son, Kwame Nkrumah, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish under capitalism, but enjoy the Marxian heaven.

The leading adherents of this faith will tell you that God is dead. They preach that it is not civilised to believe in the afterlife, yet they believe in a dead African leader who want to create heaven on earth. An impossible task that invariably lands all those who embark on it into the camp of the devil – a strange transmogrification into a Lucifer – the destroyer. They think that the devil is some sort of transcendental entity, but they fail with all their seemingly infinite knowledge that it is the devil in you that takes a centre stage and over your thinking when you begin to tango with socialism.

I believe in communism the father of all collectivism is their creed. I believe in Kwame Nkrumah the only begotten son of communism, and born of the virgin socialism. He suffered and died under CIA dirty tricks. His ideas rose from the death and dwelt among his huddled believers who have now gained their mojo. Strangely, not in Winneba, the spiritual home of Nkrumahism, but in the most unusual places around the world. Nkrumahism will return from the ashes of their crushing electoral defeats and reign supreme and his ideology will take over the world. The ideas of socialism will come in glory, and the adherents will be the masters of Ghana and their reign will have no end. I believe in socialism and infallible Nkrumah who must be worshipped and glorified. I believe in the murder of people in the millions for the good of socialism. I believe in the fraternity of all collectivism, the comradeship of socialism and life after the death of capitalism.

Every religious faith has its commandments, and Nkrumahism is no exception. Its preamble is obvious.

Thou shall hate capitalism with all your heart, mind and soul.

Thou shall love Nkrumahism with all your heart, mind and soul.

Thou shall kill; depending on the size of your population, it can be in the millions, for the salvation of the many.

Thou shall bear false witness against capitalism, besides lying unashamedly in defence of socialism.

Thou shall live as a fifth column in a capitalist haven and plot its destruction.

The destruction of capitalism shall be the ultimate goal, therefore, murdering is even acceptable in pursuit of that objective.

Thou shall pursue policies that will screw capitalism then turn around to blame it for the problems of the world.

Thou shall hate the truth, because it is the enemy of socialism.

Thou shall covert all the good ideas of capitalism, and still label them as evil.

The leading adherents of the Nkrumah faith engage in intellectual bastardisation of empirical evidence. For example, they will tell you that Swedes have high life expectancy than Americans, but they will not tell you that Swedes in America have higher life expectancy than Swedes in Sweden. This is the illusion and dishonesty their lying apologist conjure in their spurious writings to dull the senses of their followers. They will pontificate that slavery has destroyed the black family in America. What they will not tell you is that 100 years after the end of slavery in America the black family was still intact until the full scale role out of the LBJ socialist policies in the sixties meant to help black people. Why slavery did not destroy the black family in the first, second and third generation after slavery is not explained. For the hard-core apologists who have got an axe to grind I don’t blame them. But for those who read such fallacious writings and cannot subject them to rigorous intellectual scrutiny is beyond me. Instead, they jump on the band wagon and use semantics and diversionary tactics to cover their sewer of lies.

They label the believers of capitalism as selfish. However, their hypocrisy shames even an alley cat. They preach their religion from the comfort of capitalist America while they deny the formula that provides the success they enjoy copiously to the masses their hearts bleed for. This is the zenith of insincerity and duplicity.

The Scandinavian economies that are fundamentally redistribution of wealth economies are erroneously appropriated as their classic model. Blatantly lying about the economic composition of their perfect economies. Statoil, for instance, is 67% owned by the Norwegian government. They apply capitalist mode of operation to create their wealth, yet they will tell you it is socialism. They lie brazenly about China and describe it as Beijing consensus when it is purely capitalism. Communism kept China so poor to the extent that before they changed course after the death of Mao in 1976, the 36million fortunate Chinese living outside China were creating more wealth than the billion living in the mainland.

When you read statistics you need a versatile brain in order to interpret it accurately. For example, when statistical figures inform you off the hoof that Swedes have higher life expectancy that Americans a small brain will leave it at that. However, when you further investigate the same data it will also inform you that Swedes living in America have higher life expectancy than Swedes living in Sweden. The latter information can veritably be interpreted without equivocation that what is left of U.S. capitalism is able to offer better standard of living than Swedish socialism.

The Amish community in America, for instance, have higher life expectancy than most Americans, because they don’t drink, smoke and, of course, they don’t go about killing each other like the black Americans do who happens to have one of worst life expectancy in America.

Philip Kobina Baidoo Jnr.



Columnist: Baidoo, Philip Kobina