The Clouds Are Black and The Thunderstorm is nigh

Sat, 26 Jul 2014 Source: Samih, Fadi Dabbousi

...Let it roar!!!

The signs of change are reflective in the attitudes of aggrieved Ghanaians who have suddenly woken up to the rumbling in the skies. The difficulties are colossal and the corruption in Ghana’s government, and allies thereof, has assumed unsustainable magnitudes that far outweigh the tenacity of a people resilient to upheaval.

Gone are the days when Ghanaians would say “Y3n fa ma Nyame” meaning “let’s give it to GOD” in an apparent show of disgust! However, the tension has now snapped the backs of many-a-suffering person and the status quo is quite unacceptable.

Ironically, Ghana has been rendered the poorest country in the world when in fact it is amongst the richest. Our leaders have fattened their pockets, aligning themselves with the wealthiest people while the majority of Ghanaians live in abject poverty. How come, then, can we continue to leave it up to GOD?

No! It is the repetition of this mantra that is cursing us, for GOD will not change us if we do not have the will to change ourselves.

We have helped our appetites to massive rot in overdose and until we are able to stop reeking in our filth we will neither know the meaning of self-respect nor garner enough courage to reinstate our esteem, pride and honour; lost traits that were instilled in our societies by ancestors who, I envisage, are turning in their graves with absolute disgust and in total discontent at the occurrences of the day.

The die is cast now and the point of no-return has been arrived at. Before us seems a formidable wall but, in reality, it is as porous and fragile as hard bread, and all we have to do is wait out its endurance; it will come crashing with no provocation at all. So now that the clouds are black and the wrath of GOD is nigh, let the skies speak and let the thunder ROAR and let Ghana return to its real self – THE RESPECTED LAND OF OUR ANCESTORS!!!

Columnist: Samih, Fadi Dabbousi