Mahama’s Demeanour Will Make Him the Obvious Choice

Sun, 9 Sep 2012 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

President John Mahama’s Demeanour Will Make Him the Obvious Choice Of Most Ghanaians.

The most fundamental explanation that most people give to the success of Ghana’s peaceful transition from the late President Mills to John Mahama is a result of the country’s democratic maturity.

This is because Ghana has held five (5) presidential elections since democratization in 1992 and each election was recognized as very progressively democratic, except that whenever the NPP put a particular tribe before the people of Ghana and lost the election they shouted their voice hoarse by claiming that those elections were rigged by the NDC and went on to boycott parliament as it happened in1992.

In 1996, they again did the same thing and lost –but this time, they claimed that the election was bought by Rawilings. This is unbelievable, who has more money than members of the Danquah /Busia’s tradition which the NPP represent in Ghana today2012? Were they not the same people who introduced the Aliens Compliance Order in 1969 under Prime Minister K.A.Busia and went ahead to seize their unmovable assets like stores, houses, cars, monies several goods that filled the stores of these innocent aliens after giving them only a few month notice, to leave the country? For example, who owns the huge stores at Adum in the Central Business District in Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana? Ghanaians want ex-president Kuffour who was a deputy minister In Dr.Bussia’s government to answer this question. Ghanaians want Nana Akuffo Addo, the flag bearer of the NPP whose father was a ceremonial president under Busia’s government to also answer this question . The Danquah Busia’s tradition which the NPP represent today 2012 are professional great tooters whose forbears clipped Ghana.

on the other hand, the great CPP under the late Dr.kwame Nkrumah whose parties have been divided into several political parties after his violent overthrow on 14th February 1966 could not make any headway in Ghana politics, the NPP teaches becomes angle when in opposition but they don’t know God when in government, let them remain in opposition since they are good there. Out of the great CPP, the NDC emerged from the grassroots from the PNDC revolutionary government which 90% ardent young Nkrumalist and 10% Danquah (busia’s and the NDC became great achievers since the country return to constitutional rule in 1992-2012, 20years on.

President John dramani mahama will become the obvious choice of Ghanaians because of the following reasons.1. He is not violent and arrogant as compared to the NPP leader. 2. He is not tainted with corruption and not a warmonger or tribal bigot 3.he does not preach tribal politics as compared to NPP leaders. 4. He does not insult people on political platforms. 5. He is approachable, disciplined, fair and very serious like former boss, the late president J.E.A of blessed memory. 6. He is affable and listens to the people who put him there. 7. He is a very good ovate and unifier. 8. He is more strong and capable of continuing the better Ghana agenda which he is already pursing vigorously, so he needs the Ghanaians. 9. As a good politician and excellent communicator, he knows very well that PLOTS AND INTERIGUES are normal in GHANA politics whether in government in opposition.10. Finally he does not organize politics around ethics and religious line, because he knows that will rather destroy the nation and undermine political stability and many more.

president john Mahama knows that every moment addresses the issue s that are born in it, and he will therefore move quickly and put his feet down to stop the NDC from turning the gun against itself for total unity to prevail in order to make the one touch victory of NDC a reality in DEC 2012.all NDC communication must protect the president on the above characteristics on radio programmers.


During the life time of president J.E.A Mills ,some three( 3 )professors came out with a” strictly confidential document “ indicating that they want an Atta Mills loyalist group to be headed by DR.A.A.KONTOR as the initiator and convener(2)professor S.M.QUARTEY is the host while professors S.M.Quartey is the host while professor AFFUL is the moderator who described themselves as an Atta Mills loyalist team of intellectual patriots good God .In that document , these three(3 )professors told the late president that the cadres are working against his re – election in 2012 such pathological liars –to work against his re-election in and gain what? Their reasons were that cadres are loyal only to rawlings .now, how many cadres voted for or against mills at SUNYANI congress on July 9th 2012? Can these professors provide evidence to support their false and wicked allegations? No for their information, Jerry rawlings started organizing Ghana youth after he handed over power as the chairman of the AFRC military junta to Dr.Hilla Limann’s PNP government on 30th September 1979. Through the June 4th movement until the 31st December revolution , rawlings ruled Ghana for 19good years , how then can some people use only 4 or 8 years to wipe out cadres and established an Atta Mills loyalist group of so- called intellectual patriot ,these three( 3 )professors are part of the visible cancer that cause death of our beloved president of Ghana .hate them or love them but for once cadres have demonstrated to Ghana’s professionals that chains of degrees does not make one good politician.

We saw the true supporters of the NDC between January 2001-2008 but we never saw three (3) professors around, they must leave the castle and come down to meet us so that we travel to the villages and hamlets to campaign for vote .we won’t allow such people to knock the heads of president John Mahama and rawlings together again as they did to president Mills in their crucial election that is just three (3) months away. They are the same professors at castle who recommended that rawlings dominance in the NDC was not healthy for president mills –do they think rawlings are political invoiced or what? They (the 3 professors) are some of the spoilers at the castle .whether you like it or not ,political stability in Ghana’s 4th republic is credited to rawlings and there is now civility in Ghana’s for their information, it is not a crime to be called a rawlings boy , so if you are a minister of state ,an MCE or DCE in the NDC government today , you must rather be very grateful and thankful to the cadres in Ghana and not to disrespect or condemn them because it is abomination to do so .the Ingratitude and ungratefulness as well as the hatred of cadres by some executives towards the cadres must stop now and forever .the late president Mills was my man today John MAHAMA is the president and he is my man –dear reader ,also let him be your man as well as your fairly and friends for better Ghana. Is anybody listening? I am done. “jaanbie Iwaii”

Aluta Continua!








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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement