Does Mills Deserve The $5 Million Mo Ibrahim Prize

Sun, 9 Sep 2012 Source: Sam, Leo R.

Does The Late President J. E. Atta - Mills Deserve The $5 Million Mo Ibrahim Prize Posthumously ? !!!

My Answer: Yes. What is Your Answer ?!

By Leo R. Sam

Awards given posthumously are more honourable than those bestowed on the recipients, when they are alive. No recipient manipulation of the system is involved.

I am not writing this article because we Ghanaians often have the tendency to honour and sing the praises of the dead even when we know that they were no saints when they were alive.

To prove my point, I would like to refer readers to an article I had published on Ghanaweb before the death of President Mills. The title of the article is:

Does President Mills Deserve A Second Term In Office?!

( Published on Ghanaweb - Tuesday July 03, 2012 )

I IMPLORE ( earnestly beg ) the Ghanaweb Commentators to read the article from the archives before writing any unnecessary or insulting comments.

In that article, I suggested: ". whether or not Ghanaians allow President Mills a second term in office, he would be an ideal candidate to be considered for the $5 million Mo Ibrahim Award .."

The Headline used by the DAILY TELEGRAPH when reporting the passing of President Mills supports my suggestion. It was:

" Quiet President Set Example For Africa "

The GENUINE tributes paid by the following dignitaries and Organizations should convince the board members responsible for giving the award to consider the Late President as an ideal candidate for this PRESTIGIOUS AWARD :

President J. A. Kufuor

President Barack Obama

Pope Benedict XVI

His Excellency Kofi Anan

Paramount Queen Mother's Association of Ghana

Otumfuo The Asantehene

Okyenhene OsagyefoAmoatia Ofori Panin

Hillary Clinton

David Cameron

President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson

President Raul Castro Ruz

Archbishop Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom

Hon. Samia Yaba Nkrumah

Archbishop Duncan Williams

The World Bank Group

The Christian Council Of Ghana etc; etc

We all know that Ghana is NOT an easy country to govern. President Mills, a truly intelligent but humble academician did his best to help establish real democracy in our beloved motherland. He patiently tolerated criticisms, insults and provocative actions not only from his political opponents but also from some misguided and arrogant members in his own party. He refused to interfere with or intervene in the Judiciary System in cases in which judgments appeared to be based on political considerations. He was no coward or sycophant. He was obviously VERY WISE. His CONTEMPLATIVE nature was often misinterpreted as a sign of weakness. This is unfortunate. War mongers expected him to make hasty decisions about events at home and abroad. History will eventually prove him right.

Fifi Rest In Peace ! ; Requiescat In Pace !; Da Asomdwee Mu !.

May the Good Lord guide us to select another president, who operates on the Principle that:

" IF YOU MUST choose, take a good name rather than great riches, for to be held in loving esteem is better than silver and gold" ( Proverbs 22-1 )

May the Good Lord guide us to get a president, who is ready to SERVE the Ghanaian People instead of expecting Ghanaians to treat him/her as a King/Queen with a Divine Right to rule.

Presidency is all about SERVICE not LORDSHIP !!!

God Bless Ghana !!!


Edmonton, Alberta


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Columnist: Sam, Leo R.