Akufo Addo Is Too Arrogant To BE……

Mon, 15 Dec 2008 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

The Presidential candidate for the New Patriotic party (NPP) Akufo Addo is too arrogant and proud to become a president and lead our motherland to achieve its economic prosperity for the current generation and future generations. This aforementioned individual thinks Ghanaians are stupid sycophants, carpet baggars and desperate for his self- aggrandizing and his insensitive ideologies to rule our nation.

During his campaign for the presidency, he often made speeches on national television as if Ghanaians were begging him to become their president. The kind of language and the phrases he used to refer the good citizens of Ghana exposed his true feelings about his country. Instead of we Ghanaians, he said you Ghanaians. He was acting like he cannot even express himself in our local language. This said it all for such arrogance to rule the nation. His political ambition of dividing the UP tradition during the 1979 elections between PFP will soon emerge for the December 28, 2008 the second round election. He will reap what he and his uncle sow against Victor Owusu’s (PFP). As the saying always goes, if you do not allow your brother to succeed in politics you will never succeed when it reaches your turn. As I have told you before, the majority of the NPP supporters who are living in rural areas are not aware of the division which this Akufo Addo and his cronies have created within the NPP party. They think the NPP party belongs to him and his mafia gangsters to decide who gets what or run the party to their own advantage.

Now Akufo Addo and his NPP National Chairman Peter Mac Manu and their national organizer Lord Commey think they were doing their mafia boss Akufo Addo a favor by orchestrating a dubious elections for the presidential nomination and parliamentarian elections. The December 7th 2008 elections have yielded the response they were looking from NPP supporters and floating voters across the country. Their conceit, egocentricity and their criminal motives have resulted in the election turn out for the opposition NDC. Some founding members of NPP, whether they like it or not, left their fingerprints all over this mess because of their helping Akufo Addo in creating a machine within the NPP. My fellow UP tradition members nobody should blame John Agykum Kufuor for this untidiness. I remember in July this year when John Agyekum Kufuor called an emergency meeting with some NPP founding members. He decided to take draconic measures to stop Peter Mac Manu and Lord Commey form using their criminal deeds in the manner they are conducting the parliamentary primaries across the country with so many uncertainties. Akufo Addo and his senior mafia members did not allow Kufuor to stop their doubtful motives. Lord Commey and Peter Mac Manu did not realize that they were ordinary men before they had these positions, but they and their Akufo Addo have demonstrated their greediness and arrogance were simply unmatched to fool Ghanaians. These folks have used their position as a staging post to verbally tyrannise their fellow party members especially the underclass, the heart and soul of their party’s grassroots organizers. With all their political nonsense they did not realize that the majority of the Ghanaian educational elites were also watching the way this Akufo Addo talks to them and acts like he is their God. This is how these elites responded by sending a message in how they vote in Greater Accra region and other Regions across the nation. They have shown that they did not need such individuals to rule the nation. Now the wind is blowing for change. This is the message Ghanaians have accepted from Attah Mills as humble and a peacemaker who will lead the nation successfully in all endeavors. His behavior and his humbleness is the key for him to win the second round election on December 28th 2008. Ghanaians should vote for the interest of the nation for a person who will represent all people.

From: Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi