The Dismissal Of Brogya Gemfi And The NDC’s Heroes Fund

Wed, 29 Jun 2011 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

There is a very serious Internal Bleeding in the Head of the NDC with blood oozing freely from both ears and nose, because there is no more TRUST in the NDC Party as some people are prepared to AMASS WEALTH while in political office in their capacities as party executives or government appointees so that if the NDC lose the 2012 general elections, they will remain fabulously RICH while thousands of party supporters including this writer wallow in abject poverty or remain paupers forever. They Lie Bad.

If this bleeding does not stop after the July 8th – 10th Delegate Congress at Sunyani and it extend into the Parliamentary Primaries that will be conducted, then the NDC must forget the 2012 general elections. The bleeding in the head of the party has spread throughout all the party branches nationwide, where most DCE’s and MCE’s feel comfortable working with NPP members rather than NDC die hards who sacrificed for the party and they have the blessing of the President of the Republic after all, he is being mis-informed day and night that ALL IS WELL at the grass root while it is rather boiling since March, 2009 to date.

Because the sitting President is being contested by Nana Konadu Ageyman Rawlings, worse things are now happening in the party to the extent that Brogya Gemfi had to be sacked from his job for supporting the former first lady or for being a Rawlings’ Boy – what is happening in the NDC today 2011?


Political power is now being mis-used here and there without regard to all those who spent sleepless nights to ensure that the NDC won the 2008 general elections. Those who DID NOT SOW ANY SEED in the soil are now reaping where they did not sow at all. Nepotism is at its peak from TOP to Bottom – Lies are being invented daily against the so-called Rawlings Boys left and right – I dare say without apology to any body that nobody in the NDC can ever intimidate any TRUE CADRE who is called a Rawlings’ Boy – Yes, I will write and continue to write always because I don’t write to please ANYBODY but to send the bare facts across. Those who believe in the so-called New NDC concept are the cheats, character assassinators, liars, fraudsters, organised thugs from the Constituency and Regional secretariats of the NDC and some destructive infiltrators who are rather giving President Mills sleepless nights while pretending to support him. All true NDC members must be extra careful during the 2012 general elections by allowing those who now claim to have political powers to go to the field and fight it out with the “All die be die” NPP members to enable the NDC retain power if they can do it, so that they will continue to maintain their powers and not use the foot soldiers who are now “monkeys” working for “Baboons” to chop daily and continue to talk recklessly and even fool about with careless abandon. Take it or leave it, but this is the bitter truth. You sit down there and misbehave.


The first people that the Heroes fund of the NDC should cater for are the remaining surviving cadres of the June 4 Movement and cadres of the 31st December revolution on whose backs the NDC rode to power under Jerry Rawlings and now Prez. Mills if the leadership of the NDC will want to be very fair. Anything sort of that will amount to INJUSTICE of the HIGHEST ORDER. Cadres are waiting and watching things as they UNFOLD in the NDC 2 now in government since January, 2009.

Mind you, we were not trained by Rawlings to keep quiet when people are misbehaving and misleading Ghanaians, we were trained to speak out and be prepared to go hungry for that instead of keeping mute and filling our stomachs with Unclean Food prepared through stealing. Because what is wrong is wrong even if everybody support it – Brogya Gemfi’s dismissal is totally wrong, it is a pure political victimization which has no place in the NDC but now has a place in the so-called New NDC which is too bad. Instead of correcting the mistakes of the past, their new NDC is rather multiplying the same mistakes every day and every night and they expect cadres not to talk – we shall talk today, tomorrow, next tomorrow and continue to talk forever as far as we are alive because we did NOT see the present crop of some de-Africanised politicians with a mischievous agenda now parading as New NDC Members when Rawlings wanted brave men and women to be counted as PDC’s in January 1982 after the 31st December Revolution was launched in Ghana. We shall use our mouths and NOT GUNS to stop these nasty state of affairs now going on in the NDC. How can the President initiate a Better Ghana agenda, and some of his appointees and party executives be doing the opposite by implementing a bitter Ghana. In this 21st century, gone are the days when monkeys work for Baboons to chop. Who are the Heroes in the NDC that will be rewarded before and after the 2012 general elections? If Brogya Gemfi could be sacked for supporting Nana Konadu, we must not be surprised if the friends, relatives and cronies of some top party leaders and government appointees are rather invited and paid with cash from the Heroes fund (2) We must not be surprised if even NPP members are also awarded cash by the NDC for being heroes after maiming their opponents in the NDC. I am happy that elections are not won at the Castle or the Ministries. Elections are not won at the Regional NDC Secretariats or the various constituencies. Elections are won at the polling stations, so all well meaning NDC members must spread the word to party supporters that the Heroes Fund has rather been set up by the NDC to throw dust into the eyes of all party supporters because the NDC is not a party worth dying for at all once Brogya Gemfi has been sacked by the very government he helped to win power in 2008 – we must spread the message fast and on voting day, just go out and vote and return peacefully to your various homes, period. Their new NDC is fast becoming a laughing stock and is making a mockery of democracy. It is very true that we are now BITTER ENEMIES in one party where NDC members regard each other as strangers who are worse than NPP members. The Ashanti Regional Minister has earlier said that he could not work with Rawlings’ Boys and he has fired the first salvo by sacking Brogya Gemfi, He must also sack Samuel Sarpong the KMA Boss, Mr. Yaw Obimpeh – Regional NDC Chairman, Alhaji Sanni Jnr. NDC Regional Organizer and finally resign himself, because he was appointed by Prez. Mills, the No. 1 Rawlings’ Boy in the NDC and also ask the Prez. to resign if only he can tell him so.

Fight on Brogya Gemfi, fight on, for you will never EAT GRASS even though you have now been dismissed, once you have not been killed – Let’s Pray to God that you will surely NOT Suffer In Vain since the so-called new NDC will never take root in this country. We shall dismantle it entirely because some Alien Policies are being implemented forcefully into the party nationwide.

We are FED UP with the misuse of political power to intimidate hardworking party supporters. Enough is Enough. Keep it up in high spirits and damn the consequencies. There is nothing more PAINFUL than Marginalization and Exclusion. Politicians are rewarded here on Earth and not in Heaven. If you tickle yourself and laugh, it does not mean that you are very happy. What is coming is coming and what will happen will happen alright. Check it out my mouth is NOT A GUN I am only speaking THE TRUTH which some people in the NDC love to hate. I shall return when the need arise. I am done. Aluta Continua. “Jaanbie Iwaii”.









Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement