The Elephant is Emerging from the Jungle Triumphantly....

Fri, 26 Oct 2012 Source: Adofo, Rockson

.... to Reclaim Power from the NDC

As it was with the parable of "the stone that the builders rejected became the head corner stone", so will it be with the elephant. The elephant (NPP) was at some point perceived by his colleagues in the fenced zoo (Ghana), to be boring and quite a nuisance. The colleagues, majority of them being howling but hollow hyenas (NDC), frenzily chased the elephant out into the bush.

The disgraceful rejection and eviction of the elephant, compelling it to scuttle down the hills with its tail tucked in-between its legs, its wide fluffy ears flapping against the body and with real fear in its eyes, was a great excitement and jubilation to others. The degree of jubilation in the animal kingdom could not be overstated.

No, I have made a mistake. Should I not have said, the Orwellian Animal Kingdom? In that specific kingdom, the pigs (NDC) instigated the other animals to join them in a revolution against man, Mr Jones (NPP). They lied to the less intelligent animals about man being too evil while they, the pigs, were Saintly. Have I reminded you of the phrase, "Four legs good, and two legs bad?"

In less than no time, the pigs were behaving far irresponsibly than Mr. Jones they had cast out of his own farm. The pigs started walking on their hind legs, thus, two legs, eating milk and eggs, sleeping in bed, doing far worse shameful things that had never crossed the mind of Mr. Jones. They always had flattery explanations for their bigoted actions.

Animal Farm story is exactly how the NDC are behaving. A few months into power, they started amassing illegal wealth. They were and are always accusing the NPP for their failures and utterly irresponsible behaviours and actions. They think to be always above the law and a law unto themselves. Truly, they always get away with blue murder same as the pigs and piglets of the George Orwell's descriptive Animal Farm.

Look at the gargantuan official corruption in place in Ghana. Look at how the greedy bastards, evil dwarfs and babies with sharp teeth within the NDC are availing themselves of fraudulent judgment debt payments.

The NDC like the pigs in the Animal Farm story came only to seek their selfish interest. Ghanaians, please read George Orwell's Animal Farm book and you could see the perfect similarities between the pigs and the NDC.

Do we as the animals on the farm looked down upon by the pigs still sing their praises by voting for them? We shall be the most ignorant fools ever existed if we voted the NDC back to a second term in office. They have no better policies for Ghana. All the policies they have in place are geared toward how best they can fleece Ghana. They are liars from head to toe. They lie about having removed "X number" of schools from under trees yet; they cannot tell us where those schools are or were. They talk about having started or completed the construction of Eastern and Western Corridor roads yet those peddling this white lie do not even know what those corridors are.

The NDC are pure rogues who do not deserve to rule Ghana. This is a gospel truth. I therefore call on all responsible, sensible and honest Ghanaians to do themselves the biggest favour by voting for Nana Akuffo-Addo on December 7, 2012. The NDC are worthless politicians.

Do not forget that Nana Akuffo-Addo will make acquiring Senior High School (SHS) education plausible to all. All farmers, poor people and the suffering masses with even the rich inclusive should vote Nana Addo and the NPP. All the supporters, sympathisers and close member families of Nana Akuffo-Addo and any NPP parliamentary aspirant should go out in strength to campaign until success is ours. We have to win this election for Mother Ghana to save her from further disgrace and pain her ungrateful, aimless, lawless and corrupt NDC sons and daughters have brought upon her.

The elephant (Mr Jones) is emerging from the bush they chased him into to reclaim his rightful place among human beings. All the animals are singing praises unto God for keeping the elephant alive, making it possible for him to come out of his painful hibernation to a glorious homecoming. Let us make December 7, 2012 the day of fervent preparation for finally welcoming the ELEPHANT (OSONO KOKROKO) home, and crowning him on 7th or 13th January 2013.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson