The Evil Ghanaian-Mindedness Retarding the Progress ..

Thu, 29 Nov 2007 Source: Adofo, Rockson

.. and Development of Ghana

My personal experience confirms how the atypical Ghanaian evil mindedness is overtly directly militating against the prosperity of Ghana. Many a Ghanaian mindset both as seen overseas and in Ghana has a taint of "Pull Him Down" syndrome, a meticulous evil weapon that never misses its target. With such inhered attitudes, how does one expect us to make any headway in any tentative effort to shrug off the disgraceful poverty in which we are near-permanently stuck, dangling the feet in the air as if suffocatingly hooked off and held high up by the neck?

Having desired to assist my country in a meaningful way, helping to elevate the level of food production in my widow's mite, consequently creating jobs for others, I veered towards farming. Have I sinned holding onto this outwardly golden view, an anathema to most foreign Ghanaian residents, in this case "Burgers"? My answer is today YES, though in the beginning, in my spirited endeavour, it was NO. What a defeatist conclusion though, with tangible reason.

I have never known peace right from the very inception of the birth of the idea to go farming. There has been litigation upon litigation over the parcel of land sold to me by the Kumawu traditional council situates at "Raponso", forming part of the Kumawu stool lands. I have for almost six years been battling two cases at the courts at a time, High Court and the Magistrates' Court. The money pumped into the court cases far exceed the money going into the actual project.

I commend the noble role once played by the former Ghana High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Isaac Osei, and the Police Divisional Commandant Paul Avuyi whose timely administrative interventions saved the farm when the plaintiffs claiming ownership to the land hewed down five acres of planted three year-old citrus crops by then. The then Chairman of the Konongo Tribunal was dragging his feet on the case allegedly having taken sides disfavourably against me, in the case as his actions proved but which I have to withhold from the public domain. His deplorable and nation wrecking attitude angered me so much that I had to fire a hand-delivered letter to His Excellency, President John Agyekum Kuffour of the Republic of Ghana, the then Chief Justice Wiredu and His Excellency Isaac Osei. The late Barima Asumadu Saky II, the Omanhene of the Kumawu Traditional Council also intermittently redeployed people to the farm to ensure it was not destroyed whenever there was any such evil intent in the hatching.

The resort to Oracles or fetishism to cast damnable evil spell likely to culminate in death upon me has been made several times but to no avail though, not without minor adverse effects. Now as I write, one Samuel, an innocent cousin representing my interests in Ghana and empowered with the attorney as far as this acrimonious disputation over the land goes, lies helplessly in death throes at the hospital, allegedly being killed spiritually by the rivals in this case as per the spiritual consultations of some family members. From his state of deteriorated health, this article may not see the light of publication before he kicks the bucket that is, died.

Can Ghana, full of evil beings believing not in the sluggish and corrupt justice system but "ku no ma me" (kill him/her for me) spiritism prosper? Why the need for killing someone if one knew he is innocent and the rightful owner of a disputed, say, land? I have determined not to bribe anyone or else, I could say with certainty to have upper hand in the court case, which I still do. I believe in the honesty of individuals and would be the last one to desire to influence issues, tipping them in my favour. Are my convictions right when others are taking undue advantage of the situation to cause death to me, my close relations and workers? In a country where no-one has ever died a natural death, I am held blameable for the demise of Samuel, and if as alleged is true, may God the Almighty Father hold the culprit(s) perpetually responsible for his soul prematurely made to forfeit. May all the Judges, Magistrates etc. bow down their heads in shame for dragging this case over years in attempt to enrich themselves somehow, serving their selfish parochial interest, should Samuel do pass away. The more they drag the case, deferring hearing let alone granting ruling, the greater the propensity and temptation to resort to spiritualism in the hope to tipping the eventual ruling in ones favour, exactly what the deviously humans lacking civility are doing in the case and at this instance.

Can Ghana then be developed, becoming somewhat prosperous seeing our own very judicial system to be anti-development in their execution of duties; our people to be superstitiously inward-looking, ready to kill employing the services of fetish priests, Alhajis and Mallams? Ghana as a nation has a long way to go. I still have faith in God. Though scared as I am about the death and life comatose situation of Samuel, the Living God is Miraculous, and I entrust his life into His mighty hands. Any suggesting to overcoming this evilness and holding the perpetrators of this heinous crime responsible, may it be as I hear, is very much welcomed. May you pardon me for any errors made, be they spelling or grammatical as my mind is miles away, very unsettled and in a panicking state. My self composure will return once Samuel regains his health which at the moment seems far fetched.

Rockson Adofo, London

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson