The Execution of The Generals Was Justified

Tue, 24 Jun 2014 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

The Execution of The Generals By The AFRC In 1979 Was Justified

When we talk about the June 4 Uprising in 1979 and the subsequent execution of three former Heads of State and Six Senior officers of the Ghana Armed Forces by the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC) in 1979, several politicians from the Asante/Akyem NPP always try in vain to re-write Ghana’s history in order to throw dust into the eyes of the Youth who now form 80% of Ghana’s population but they Lie Bad.

Were the Generals just picked from their various offices, or residences lined up and shot in cold blood? The answer is capital No – They committed unpardonable crimes. Were they the only Generals in the Ghana Armed Forces? The answer again is capital No.

They rather became an Oligarchy within the Military Establishment and were driving the country into a yawning huge ditch with the assistance of their civilian counter parts who also formed an Oligarchy waiting for the Military to hand over power to them after seven (7) years of looting the country’s resources with impunity.

Yes, it is true that some Senior Military officers who used their positions to acquire loans to build their own houses were executed and it was an offence NOT PUNISHABLE BY DEATH to own two toilets in one’s residence before 1979.

The moral fibre of Ghanaians especially our young ladies were completely broken to the extent that such ladies could not bend down to even pick up their hand kerchiefs on the ground without exposing their panties.

Young women dressed half naked before the June Four Uprising, therefore, the Military, as a disciplined institution had to strip them naked and whip them and later parade them in the streets in public for the public to see their nakedness since that was what those young ladies deserved. That action by the soldiers brought back the moral fibre of all Ghanaian Women and they started dressing well like respected and cultured women of Ghana and not the other way round, after all, who Born Dog?

Thousands of businessmen and women rushed to pay their taxes in full after a radio announcement on Radio and Television. Hitherto, they had refused to pay their taxes to the state in 1979.

You see, big time politicians are always ready to SAY ANYTHING IN ORDER TO GRAB POLITICAL POWER and then FOOL ABOUT AS EX-PREZ. KUFFOUR DID BETWEEN 2001-2008. In the run up to the 2012 general elections, Nana Akuffo Addo the then NPP flagbearer, Mr. Alan Kyeremanteng and several leading members of the violent prone NPP visited J.J. Rawlings in his Residence to solicit his support since he decided NOT TO CAMPAIGN FOR the NDC even though he is the Founder for reasons best known to himself. Rawlings is a “Sachet of salt” in the sense that you cannot eat your political soup if he is too much in it and your soup won’t taste well without him either.

At his residence, Nana Akuffo Addo, Alan Kyeremateng and all the leading members of the NPP showed praises on President Rawlings by stating that Rawlings is an Arc Angel of Probity and Accountability in Ghana.

However, Nana Akuffo Addo had for gotten that his government stripped President Rawlings of all courtesies from 2001 -2008 and he had to carry his personal luggage to the Airport and travel abroad. On reaching his destination, no Ghanaian Diplomat was allowed to welcome him, and no vehicles were available to pick him to his hotel etc. etc.

President Rawlings always paid for his own air tickets in and out of the country throughout the 8 years that President Kufour was in power. This is the man that Nana Akuffo Addo wanted his support for an undeserved political power in 2012. Does Akuffo Addo and his NPP believe falsely that God is a Big Fool like them to have allowed the NPP to win the 2012 general elections? What crime has President Mahama committed as a President? Answer: He is a Northerner from a minority tribe in Ghana and is therefore NOT FIT to rule Asante/Akyem politicians leading the NPP period –that is his offence in the eyes of the violent prone NPP.


External loans contracted between June 1977 and July 1978 by the Ministry of Finance had revealed certain improprieties on the part of “General” Acheampong a former Head of State and also the Commissioner of Finance. It was found that his PERSONAL INTEREST in some of the agreements had led to heavy losses of foreign exchange to the country. Yet Col. Acheampong’s punishment was NOT to hold any public office in Ghana and his underserved rank of General reduced to a mere Mister by the SMC II Military Junta then headed by General FWK Akuffo who was himself very corrupt. In late April 1979, it came to light that Major General E.K. Utuka and Robert Ebenezer Abossey Kotei both retired members of the Supreme Military Council (SMC) headed by Col. Acheampong issued Chits to their favourites to take away large quantities of lumber totaling over 7,494 pieces of Wawa Boards and Odum.

The most drastic actions of the AFRC Military Junta was the execution of eight top military officers who protected corruption, smuggling and looting of state coffers with their guns – they included three former Heads of State – Generals I.K Acheampong, F.W.K. Akuffo and A.A. Afrifa all of cursed memories. The only Commissioner of state with that group was Col. Roger Felli. The others were former SMC members. Major General E.K. Utuka former Border Guard Commander, Major General Robert Kotei, Rear Admiral Joy Komla Amedume and Air Vice Marshall Yaw Boakye. They were all found guilty of extreme corruption as it is in its worst form in the country today 2014. They were further found guilty for abuse of office by a Special Court set up by the AFRC government in June 1979. General Acheampong as Head of state had diverted 2million dollars in government funds to buy houses abroad and distributed more than 4 million dollars among his girl friends and other male friends of his with impunity, Acheampong could tell his civilian Secretary thus; Anane Binfo, this woman came to me crying, please give her some cash. Therefore, by June 1979, Ghana which once produced a third of the World’s Cocoa was recording only 20% of World Supplies. Inflation was running as high as 150% a year and the economy was on the verge of collapse. Smuggling – a cause of Ghana’s woes was virtually legalized – with high Border Guard personnel freely authorizing it under the nose of major General E.K. Utuka, the then Border

Guard Commander. Therefore the Execution of the Generals by the AFRC in 1979 was justified.

“General” Acheampong as Head of State and Commissioner for finance and economic planning presided over a period of extreme corruption and economic hardship that saw the once prosperous West African State lose its influential role in Regional Affairs. It is only Tax dodgers, smugglers, Corrupt Public and Civil Servants, Some corrupt crooks in cassocks, Looting Brigades, Thugs, Dishonest Tribal Bigots, Dealers in Black markets and Nation wreckers in general who would always condemn the 1979 Executions by the AFRC Military junta because No sane person worth his salt will dare condemn the Execution of the Generals in 1979 because God caused Rain to fall after the Executions that day in order to Cleanse the cursed blood of the cowardly executed Generals and Senior military officers – The “Catholic Standard” also came in handy to support the Executions per its Editorial.

Some irresponsible Ghanaians would ask me to tell them whether I would have been happy if the executed Generals and Senior Military Officers were my Fathers and Relatives. The Answer is Yes, I would have been very, very happy with their Executions because they would have not only disgraced themselves while in public office but had DISGRACED MY FAMILY as well if I were their relative. I beg to drop my Bic here. Is Anybody Listening? I am done, but I shall Return when the need arise. “Jaanbie Iwaii” – Long Live J.J. Rawlings, Major (Rtd) Boakye Djan and All Retired Junior Military officers of the erstwhile AFRC government – I say – Aluta Continua!


Clement Sangaparee

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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement