The Fallacy of an Alan-Nana Photo Finish: Rejoinder

Thu, 14 Jan 2010 Source: Amankwah, Nana Kofi

In the Ghanaweb article dated Monday 11 January 2010,titled The Fallacy of an Alan-Nana Photo Finish, there are assertions from Boakye Agyarko, a senior member of Akufo Addo’s the 70- year- old man campaign planning committee. Agyarko is also a member of Akufo Addo’s Akyem Kyebi Mafia group within the NPP whose agenda was to manipulate the new executive elections to their advantage. This failed miserably. As result of that Agyarko is desperate and has no choice but to lambasted unguarded utterances against Hon: Maxwell Kofi Jumah the Member of Parliament in my constituency is totally politically nonsense.

Boakye Agyarko is a hypocrite with a double standard. He has the right to support his 70-year-old man who needs to retire, Akufo Addo, but Mr. Jumah has no right to support Alan. One thing this Akufo Addo the -70 year-old man’s cronies don’t understand is this; Akufo Addo, with all the logistics in his possession in 2008 general elections, could not retain NPP in power now that this crooked NDC is in power. What makes Akufo Addo and his cronies think they can retrieve power from NDC? The new NPP executive members believe that the 2012 general elections will not be an essay task. Therefore, they have realized they need a new face who would lead them to regain power for the NPP organization. Currently, these executives believe there is nobody in NPP better than Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng. He is smart, charismatic, humble, and has good vision for the nation and the NPP organization and also not arrogant as your Akufo Addo.

Nobody is surprised that Boakye Agyarko, a failed NPP presidential candidate in 2007, is now following this Akufo Addo the 70 –year- old man, a self-aggrandizing washout politician who loves to use the media to promote his mafia tactics when his back is against the wall to the point of no return. Boakye Agyarko thinks he is above reproach and also has the hegemonic power to do whatever he wants but others have no right within the NPP to say anything. The question I want to ask this so-called Boakye Agyarko is this; After the NPP summer 2009-delegate amendment conference that was held in La Accra; who gives him the authority to draft the NPP constitutional Amendment? Is he a constitutional Lawyer, the Party secretary, or a member of the executives? You stupid hypocrite! You think we don’t know your dubious tactics that you people are playing for your candidate Akufo Addo? In 2007 you guys including Gabby Otchere Darko were able to play your dirty political tactics against Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng and got off scott free, but not this time I promise you all.

Boakye Agyarko says, “ Hon Maxwell Kofi Jumah, Member of Parliament for Asokwa has been on air and at pains in describing which newly elected officials of the party are loyal to Alan Kyeremateng, and those supposedly loyal to Akufo Addo. Is the last thing any member of the party should expect or accept from a Member of Parliament who belongs to the NPP”. Mr. Jumah has no right to say anything, but your Akufo Addo has right to openly come out and support Jack Obetsebi Lamptey as the next NPP chairman. In fact, if our dear founding father Kofi Boakye Dankwah was to be alive today, he would commit suicide for your criminal behavior. You and your Akyem mafia gangsters you people have exhibited in the party he lost everything to establish. Politics is not about ethnicity but one’s ability to lead an effective organization to win power but not to lose power. If Kofi Boakye Dankwah were with us today he would unequivocally support Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng because Alan is the best man to lead this organization to bring power back to the NPP. J B Dankwah believes in unity but not ethnicity as you guys believe in ethnic and the politics of violence. There is an old saying, I do not worry about my death; I’m going to die, but the one who will replace me. Kofi Boakye Dankwah was a political idol for many of us and our families but in his absence we could find anybody better as him to replace him from Kyebi in times when our organization needs leadership, not the bunch of criminal sycophants we have now from Kyebi. They have now destroyed the good legacy of Boakye Dankwah.

If Boakye Agyarko’s friend Amoako Tuffuor has any commonsense he should advise his Akufo Addo and their Mafia gangsters to eschew the petty squabbles and animosity they have developed against Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng and his sympathizers for unjustifiable reasons. For your information Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng has only known one party and that is NPP. Alan doesn’t have enemies and does not need enemies. Your Akufo Addo’s (PR) propaganda that he was doing on Fox Fm in Kumasi and Hot Fm in Accra will never help him, Akufo Addo the 70- year- old man is done politically in Ghana. Nobody will believe Akufo Addo’s propaganda that Alan Kwadwo Kyeremateng wanted to be his running mate. I have a strong message for your Akufo Addo the 70 year old man’s crony, Amoako Tuffuor who is now telling political lies in the media will soon hear from me.

From Nana Kofi Amankwah (New York)

Columnist: Amankwah, Nana Kofi