The Fear of Truth By Ghanaians Is ....

Sat, 28 Sep 2013 Source: Sangaparee, Clement

.... Killing The Moral Fibre Of Society

My sincere observation of Ghanaians Beliefs and Attitudes has made me realize that what Ghanaians actually fear most apart from DEATH is the TRUTH. At the workplace, if you report a cheating worker to his boss you are in trouble as the worker will boldly tell you that you can never do him ‘’Foko’’ – to wit anything. Why? He wines and dines with the General Manager and even the Chief Executive of the Company and you are only a common senior staff who report to the two managers, so the thieving worker regards you as a social nobody before him/her. We live with hardened Armed Robbers in our various communities and majority of Ghanaians know them but would never expose them for fear of being called BAD PEOPLE. Majority of Ghanaians know too well that the civil wars in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cote d’voire, Rwanda, Angola and other parts of Africa came about as a result of Tribalism, Selfisliness, Extreme greed, Sheer wickedness ,insensitivity and crash arrogance on the past of those countries’ politicians. In Africa some wicked politicians would go to every length to even Eliminate their political opponents in order to achieve their inordinate ambitions of becoming Members of Parliament, District Chief Executives or Presidents of their various countries as if they will never die at all. Those politicians who behave that way are always the first people to be given Front Seats inside the Churches they attend, and if they are moslems too, they sit directly on mats behind their Imams inside the mosques. What steps does the people who are pleading with God to bring Peace take with a view to identifying the causes of violence , murder threats and intimidations in the various Constituencies of the various Political Parties in order to correct the situation, The 14th august 2013 conviction of Sir John, the General Secretary of the violent prone NPP is an example that clearly showed that Ghanaians are not willing to do what is Right and Necessary to ensure Peace in Ghana even through God in his wisdom have brought Peace to mankind on the very day that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died on the cross. So far, Four people have appeared before Ghana’s Supreme Court changed with criminal contempt, one of them was cautioned and discharged while three others including the General Secretary of NPP were convicted for criminal contempt and all the four people are members of the violence prone NPP which sent a time wasting Bogus Petition to the Supreme Court seeking to annul over Four Million votes and pass through the BACK DOOR for their Presidential candidate to be declared President of Ghana AT ALL COST as if elections are won at the Supreme Court. When these foul mouthed men of violence appeared before the Supreme Court large numbers of NPP supporters ganged up and held a vigil overnight In Criminal Solidarity with their violent General Secretary, so Ghanaians must stop hiding behind their un willingness to work for peace and talk peace but pretend that God is withholding peace from them. Therefore, Ghanaian’s as individuals and as a body are unwilling to do what is necessary to ensure peace in the country. As a people, WEARE RATHER DEALING WITH THE EFFECTS instead of the all important causes of disturbances and conflicts BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER THE GENERAL ELECTIONS in Ghana, so what are people really talking about when most people always Beat The Side Of The DRUM while the FACE is there. The inflammatory utterances of the NPP in 2000 and 2008 and the 2012 general elections NEARLY SENT Ghana to WAR with their INFAMOUS “ALL DIE BE DIE” CATCH PHRASE. How can you threaten and intimidate the electorate to vote for you as if they are all CLASS ONE CHILDREN IN GHANA from 2001-2008? The NPP was the then ruling party which was synonymous with deception, non-conformity to Best governance practices while the Media were bought like bags of maize to SHUT up and they did as directed, after all in Africa who hates money. Little wonder everything about the NPP government were shrouded in integrity doubts and credibility gaps as they failed to put the brakes over the rot, as the Looting Brigade of the NPP was rocked by an un-usual corruption debate and a corrupt Smelly Press looked on unconcerned simply because they were ALL INVOLVED AS THE PUBLIC PURSE WAS LOOTED TO SATISFY THE HITECH CAMPAIGN OF THE NPP IN 2008 and 2012 elections but lost both elections alright.


The Youth in Ghana form 80% of the population what legacy are we leaving behind for them to learn in order to move this country forward patriotically when we (the elderly people ) finally die?

You see, grey hairs are signs of Wisdom, but when grey haired elderly men and women decide to tell lies to the Youth for reasons best known to themselves, Posterity will never forgive such elderly people In this country, corruption in its WORST FORM in the body politic today and it have now become a NORM in most Institutions Of State. Which group would speak out?


The Clergy are the direct Representatives of God on this Earth. It is the failure of Clergy to speak out boldly against corruption in the society that has made corruption a normal pattern of life in Ghana. It will be recalled that corruption was reduced from 100% to 1% during the PNDC era from 1982_1989. This is a fact you can cross check your records if you so wish. Corruption can easily be eliminated if the Clergy takes up the challenge to talk to thousands of souls who congregate in their Churches every Sunday. However some Commercial Churches conduct church services from Monday to Sunday and they pray without ceasing ,they pray without condemning Corruption, Drug trafficking, Armed robbery, etc. lest they lose millionsof Ghana cedis donated as of offertory and other huge collections in their Churches.

However, most Ghanaians often say that when they report suspected criminals to the Police, their covers are always blown to the suspects, but I disagree totally with them even though we have some BAD NUTS in the Police service, so my advice to such people is that THEY SHOULD RATHER REPORT SUSPECTED CRIMINALS to the Senior Police Officers with the ranks of Chief Inspectors, District Superintendents of Police, Superintendents, Crime Officers, Commissioners of Police,The District and Municipal Comanders in the various Districts nationwide and take it from me the ,these high ranking Police Officers would NEVER EXPOSE YOU to any suspected criminal by blowing your cover when they arrest those suspects.

Furthermore, you can easily report suspected criminals to the BNI officials in the the various Districts throughout the country because all members of the Ghana Police Services depend solely on INFORMATION in order to arrest criminals for you to go about your economic activities and finally sleep soundly at home. The Police can never operate without any vital information. WE MUST NOT FEAR THE TRUTH. Is anybody listening? I am done. Aluta Continua.





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Columnist: Sangaparee, Clement