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The Future Isn't What it Used to Be - A Message to the NDC


The NDC is confusing pugnacity with political leadership by anointing Jerry John Rawlings (JJR) as their lifetime leader and, in the process alienating the true young and dynamic leaders with vigor and tenacity to bring new ideas and pizzazz to the party. I am referring to the likes of Hon. John D. Mahama, Spio Garber, and Hon. Alban Bagbin, among others, who can rejuvenate the party to productive status; but, unfortunately, they have chosen to live in the past by glorifying an old demagogue whose time has past. The NDC core group (hooligans) not having prepared for the future, has held the party hostage and trying everything possible to bring Ralwlings back, as he has been their only source of economic support since 1981 until the bobble burst in 2000, when JJR left office.

Prior to that JJR and his followers had a mutually beneficial arrangement in which, JJR provided the bread and the followers provided security by intimidation and threats to the populace. This became a reality when Rawlings’ created his Commandos Unit, The 31st December Women, and numerous other parastatal agencies which employed these goons to legitimize mayhem on Ghanaians by virtue of invoking the name of Rawlings or his Mrs. In return we saw several non entities elevated to stratospheric status including, ministers of states, ambassadors, principal secretaries, etc.

NDC’s anger towards NPP

Now, after years of being denied those perquisites after the NPP took over the presidency, the NDC has directed their anger and frustration against the more serious government whose objective is to build a better Ghana by giving every Ghanaian a chance to succeed that is, if they are willing to pull their weight. Unfortunately this is not the route, the NDC followers wish to take. Theirs is to be spoon fed at the expense of Ghanaians and, not getting their way, has turned their lives upside down.

Helpless, the NDC has turned its attention inward, and their patience is too short to allow reforms to take hold and, therefore, wish to move heaven and earth to bring back their hero. Their dilemma is reminiscent of the hiatus Rawlings gave the country when he gave back power to Liman in 1979 only, to take it back again in 1981. During that time, he and his followers realizing that the new government was not kowtowing to the whims of Rawlings, sensed danger as their livelihood was threatened and consequently had to topple Liman’s government to ensure an uninterrupted and endless flow of manna, which they enjoyed for twenty years. While that was going on, Rawlings and his goons clobbered, maimed and, killed hundreds of innocent Ghanaians all in the name of revolution. Under current circumstances, a repeat emergence or ascendance of NDC’s hostility to take over the government is in the offing, except that, unlike the past, the current government has in place a more effective national Security Task Force that cannot be penetrated to topple the NPP government.

The West Forcing Rawllings to stop the Killings

Neither surprisingly nor coincidentally, that period of killings also marked a time when Ghana was alienated by the international community and in the process brought the country’s economy to the abyss of the bottomless vitality; (ala “Rawlings’ chain”), until Rawlings was forced to put an end to the killing spree. Specifically, Western leaders demanded that he accepts democracy as the new political paradigm for Ghana and in return, help him rebuild the country’s economy or perish. Upon his acquiescence to stop the menacing, the U.S. and other donor nations i.e., Japan, etc., in consultation with the World Bank, provided funds for the implementation of the Financial Institutions Structural Adjustment Program (FINSAP) in 1989, as part of the Brady Plan, which led to the stoppage of the economic hemorrhaging that Rawlings had caused. Thus, underneath the veneer of iconizing Rawlings as Ghana’s “junior jesus”, is the truth that JJR did not make any strategic contribution to the economic development that took place in Ghana during his presidency, as he was forced to accept the terms that brought about such changes. Left to him alone, Ghana would have been like modern day Cuba where, the economy is in shambles; political opponents unaccounted for, or have left the country, lest they get kill. This is the type of nationhood that, such “cockamamie” leaders like Rawlings thrive on and, you want the NDC back? Nay!

For, even while the NDC is struggling in the polls, JJR continues to give signals of a possible bloodbath, if he gets or doesn’t get back power. For example, as recent as last week he gave us a window of opportunity to see how and why he killed Gen. Odartey-Wellington, and how he will be forced to revisit those dark days, if Nana Akuffo Addo continues to teased him with his “yoke gagri” albatross. This is serious because as we say in Akan “Se aboa no nka wo a! Onfee nese nkyerewo” Translation - (If the beast won’t bite you, it won’t show you its teeth.) And, Oh yes, we also aware of the threats that his followers too, are making on the lives of those of us who write the truth about Rawlings. But I wish to let them know that I am not afraid of the Devil and I am not afraid of Rawlings. “For no weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

Fellow Ghanaians don’t ever forget the Rawlings experience. It was a very sad, horrible and dangerous era in Ghana’s political history that must never be forgotten; for if we do, and bring the NDC back to power now, Ghana will sink to oblivion. And, the bad news is, no nation will come to our aid this time, because there is now, a bumper crop of crises around the world that has made every nation preoccupied to solve its own problems. Do you think it is by accident that the world has turned deaf ears to the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan? Think again.


Therefore, with this being the last week before Election Day, I urge the Ghanaian electorate to vote wisely and to throw your votes away by voting for the NDC. Be part of history and vote for NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo. The person who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, humility, agility and resilience during this election cycle. Notwithstanding all the horrible things that have been said about him he showed civility, decency; and absolute calmness - a rare trait of true leadership ability, that can be found only - in a man who comes from a good mannered and God-fearing home - but not a broken home like the one of you know who. Nana is ready to continue with the seed of CHANGE that President Kuffour planted during his administration to move Ghana forward. It is he who saw it fit to lay down the economic blueprint that will put us to par to compete effectively in the twenty first century. And, Nana will take that change to the next level by implementing policies that will invest in human capital, entrepreneurship and business growth, innovation, and infrastructure development, and doing it in ways which will stimulate economic activity. In that, he will create a level playing field to provide opportunity for all, in job creation, education, healthcare, etc., and bring prosperity to all Ghanaians and our children and the future generation.

Nana’s small business program is top on his agenda and will seek to get it implemented in the first ninety days of his administration, making sure that Ghanaians start their own businesses, as it is the most effective means to create individual wealth. Additionally, by Ghanaians establishing their own businesses we will help to create jobs for the young men and women leaving our universities, polytechnics, and other institutions and together, make positive contributions to strategically position Ghana to successfully compete even in the now turbulent global economy. But above all, let us proof to the world that Ghana is fully matured and is ready to join the civilized club of nations by having a violent free election on December 7th 2008 and bring peace and unity to the nation. Long live Ghana and God Bless us all.

Joseph Smith Adomakoh, Jr.

Wall Street, New York, NY December/ 1/2008

Columnist: Adomakoh, Joseph Smith

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