Ghanaian Politicians are Liars, but ....

Mon, 18 Oct 2010 Source: Adofo, Rockson

...NDC are Worse & Never Objective

Trust a politician only half of the time. It is only a fool that will trust a Ghanaian or a continental African politician all of the time. These lying, selfish, greedy and visionless politicians are the bane of Ghana. They are mostly the cause of the downfall of Ghana and Africa hence the internationally accepted but demeaning classification of Africa as a third world.

During the reign of the NPP, they were very often saying, "Rawlings NDC administration had messed up the economy". Most of their woes and incompetence were blamed on the NDC presided over by the only domineering strongman of Ghana - Togbe Avaklasu Rawlings.

Whenever there is a change in government, the reasons for the change could always be many. They are mostly for bad reasons. But one thing I know for sure is that the incoming government is required to perform much better than the ousted or the outgoing one. When the incoming government stalls due to its own incompetence, starts pointing accusing finger at, and always blaming the previous government for its failures, then there is a problem.

The NDC find it not shameless but expedient, by their warped estimation, to always castigate and blame the NPP for the problems they do encounter. Surprisingly, they always claim that the NPP left the country broke and in an unprecedented economic mess. To them the economic mess is manifold with different facets, and far worse than they came to meet it at the exit of Former President Rawlings from the Presidency in 2000. This assertion is as preposterous as the NDC are lawless and incompetent. Foolishly confiscating private persons' imported cars for the NDC's own use, but under the pretext of the cars being stolen from abroad by the importers, will surely incur problem for the NDC government. Private importers stopped importing cars into the country and the Harbours' Custom & Excise office could not meet their expected revenue collection target. Are the NPP to blame for this shortfall in revenue generation resultant of the blatant daylight thievery by the NDC? No, but the NDC are blaming them for it.

Should the NPP be held responsible for any private capital flight that may have taken place in Ghana due to their irresponsible lawless measures? No, yet the NDC are blame the NPP for that. Dearth of private investment which is the direct result of the NDC's hatred for prosperous individuals with a penchant for making life hard for them is also blamed on the NPP. Whenever any of their taken actions backfires in their face, they hold the NPP responsible.

I am not at all a fan of Former President Kufuor but I have to give the devil his due. Many an NDC persons are saying Kufuor did nothing during his eight years tenure in office as the President of Ghana. To these NDC individuals, I say, they must be out of their mind. They need to put on their thinking cap. Their brains need to be scanned to ensure they are not going mental.

For one thing I know with certainty is that, Former President Kufuor did not only prospect for, but discovered black gold (petroleum) in quantum or commercial quantities. This is a great feat meriting applause for Kufuor and his NPP administration. It takes an intelligent, dynamic, farsighted and bold person to initiate that policy of exploring for petroleum in that wilderness of the oceanic seabed. Kufuor took that bold initiative and was prepared to accept full blame for committing the nation's money for a wild goose chase in the event of no oil find. Thanks to his wise and bold decision, oil has been found and Ghana will soon join that Union of oil producing and exporting countries - OPEC. Has he not by his wisdom brought smiles back to the gloomy faces of many a Ghanaian?

It is common sense that if you are uncertain and troubled about the possibility of there not existing what you intend getting, anyone offering assistance as a stakeholder can compel you to enter into an agreement which may not be 100% satisfactory to you in the end. But human nature and especially our Blackman's mentality, dictates that you become embittered when things turn out contrarily positive to your doubtful expectation. Was this not exactly what happened when Kufuor signed a contract with the Kosmos to help Ghana prospect for offshore oil? Why are the NDC chastising Kufuor for allowing himself and Ghana to be cheated because our percentage share of the oil is minimal when extracted? Could Ghana ever have had the money and expertise to explore and exploit oil from the cemetery of the oceanic bed? No, No and Never! Did Ghana even know it was sitting on black gold? Maybe yes, but to reach it without the expertise of Kosmos would be a wishful thinking. "Half a loaf, I say, is better than none. If the motorised and slimy-mouthed NDC are not singing praises to Kufuor, they should please not soil his good name. Now that Kufuor has found oil for Ghana, the NDC are making the most but empty noises. They are by their actions purporting to know better than the finder. What a display of untoward behaviour by a bunch of ignoramuses?

Had it not been the oil find, how on earth could President Mills have boldly initiated and resolutely determined without ever rescinding his decision to sign a contract with STX-Korea to build low-cost houses (low-cost housing project) for his politicized police force? How could he have assured that Sovereign guarantee that has made it possible for STX-Korea to acquire loan to proceed to Ghana to start the housing project? Has he not gone to China recently to secure loans totalling about $10 billion (US) to carry out projects likely to boost his image and chances of winning 2010 elections? What did he use as collateral security for the loan? Has he not mortgaged the oil for the loans? The loan was given to him or will be given to him upon the assurance that Ghana is an emerging oil producing and exporting country. NDC cast out that folly-laden cloak you are wearing. Discerning Ghanaians have had enough of your nonsensical lies aimed at throwing dust into their eyes.

Yesterday, Sunday 17/10/10, I was amazed to hear one Kwame Thamesmead speak on the London-based Hot Digital Radio online FM as the main and only panellist in the studio, for NDC. I could not cease laughing when he incessantly kept on bashing Kufuor and the NPP for messing up Ghana's economy. He repeatedly asserted that Kufuor did nothing for all the eight years that he was in power. He quoted figures representing the debt Kufuor left behind to be inherited by President Mills' NDC government. He calculated this in percentage terms of the nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). I have answered him already if he or his supporters would mind reading the analysis stated above. If the debt was accrued as a result of money spent not on drinking tea or eating "Chinchinga" as the NDC are well renowned for, then it's fine with me. If the debt came about as a result of money borrowed to do nothing, not for construction of, roads, Bui Dam, Presidential Palace etc. but for finding oil, much the better.

Another lady who I will not blame for suffering diarrheic mouth, a NDC activist of course always intimates that Nana Akuffo-Addo is an idiot who does not compare to Atta Mills in any way. This woman, an Akyem from the same environ as Nana Addo has always nasty things to say about him, Kufuor and the NPP as political machinery. Nana Akuffo-Addo is short and that explains why "Oguaahene" could not see him when he attended the Oguaa annual festival, she says. I don't see heights but potentials. He may be short but he is more than able to manage Ghana much better. I will not discuss her as I know her personal state of mental agony. Any woman whose "Odomanko aduane a ye nnwoa, ye nntoto" has been deprived of "Moses abaa" for over a decade but is itching to have it pounded by the "stick" will behave similarly if not far worse. Instead of concentrating on fighting the pests (akate) ravaging her cocoa farm, she rather chooses to vent her anger on Nana Addo and the NPP. Was the caretaker who abandoned minding her cocoa farm a relative of Nana Addo or a member of the NPP?

Another guy who is a political nutter is one Alhaji Fugu. He does never make any sense in his political discourse. He is a Kufuor basher, pure and simple. I wonder how and why these middle-aged persons allow themselves to be manipulated to behave so irresponsibly as they do. They are never objective and will never be, the way they are programmed to behave as NDC zombies.

Rockson Adofo

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson