The Ghana Criminal Law needs an amendment to jail chiefs engaged in criminal activities

Ghana's Criminal Justice According to the author, many chiefs are behind the illegal mining and the sale of lands buyers

Sat, 22 May 2021 Source: Joel Savage

The criminal law in Ghana needs amendment to make it possible for any chief that breaks the law to go to prison because their criminal behavior is destroying our environments and polluting our waters.

Many are behind the illegal mining and the sale of lands to multiple buyers in the country with impunity.

Gold Coast, the old name of Ghana is what Chinese illegal miners can’t resist. In the geography and history textbooks of Ghana, are certain facts, many people worldwide, are fascinated about.

The Kingdom of Ancient Ghana; the mighty Ashanti Kingdom, and European colonists who plundered our gold, are some of the intriguing stories followed by many people to visit Ghana.

However, the Chinese are attracted to Ghana with eyes set on illegal mining. Whereby China is a country that doesn’t tolerate crimes and lawbreakers are severely punished, many Africans are serving in the Dongguan prison for various offenses.

With the increasing diversification of China-Africa cooperation, with a large number of infrastructure facilities in Ghana, such as the National Theater, the Ministry of National Defense Building, etc, built with assistance from China, the many Chinese take it as an opportunity to break the law in Ghana.

Let’s face the fact, Ghana is a corrupt country, therefore, many not interested in environmental hazards, assist the Chinese to operate illegal mining in the country.

We don’t have to blame the Chinese illegal miners for polluting our waters and degrading our environments without the help of the unpatriotic Ghanaians.

There is no Ghanaian that can enter into someone’s country and begin illegal mining or trade, yet it is possible for a Chinese to enter Ghana or other African countries to engage in illegal mining.

Even though in Ghana the country’s resources are for the government and the lands for the chiefs, the corrupt chiefs collaborate with illegal miners, including Chinese nationals to ruin the environment and pollute the streams and rivers.

It’s very sad that Ghana has become a den of illegal miners and the president for a very long time hasn’t paid particular attention to these issues because there top politicians and well-known chiefs involved in the illegal mining.

According to Professor Christopher Gordon, at the Institute of Environment and Sanitation Studies at the University of Ghana, the country has lost more than GH₵36 billion (US$6.3 billion) to environmental degradation because of illegal mining.

Since these chiefs know that they are not being held responsible for the crimes they commit in Ghana, for decades they continue to do it with impunity. This can’t go if Ghana wants to be a successful country. Things must change.

Until Ghana finds a tough, efficient leader, ready to tackle corruption and purge the corrupt judiciary system, the country will remain in the same position without any progress six decades after independence.

Columnist: Joel Savage