Making kindness the new normal

Spinal And Orthopedic Conditions 66.png A patient suffering from a complex spinal and orthopedic condition

Tue, 27 Oct 2020 Source: Prince Kay-Takrama

These are challenging times for everyone in Ghana and across the world.

The prevailing COVID-19 circumstances have necessitated several modifications to many aspects of human life, and with the changing realities this year, the future has never felt so unpredictable; and while there’s a lot of uncertainty, we are also reminded of an urgent need to adapt, and most importantly, explore and commit to ways to support the most vulnerable in society, toward the eventual restoration of hopes and dreams.

Kindness, contrary to what many assume, is not always inherent.

Being generous can be an interpersonal skill that can be developed and nurtured through courage and practice. One way of developing this skill is opening our eyes to see the suffering around us. The principal of survival of the fittest breeds selfishness and invites us to turn a blind eye when other people could use a helping hand.

Many kind people have, in the end, found out that satisfaction comes from being there for others. You have not truly lived until someone’s comfort and success is connected to your active response. John Bunyan reminds us that “you have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”

While the world gradually recovers from COVID-19 and its effects, many children and young adults remain ill and admitted at various health facilities across Ghana. On November 13 each year, the world marks World Kindness Day. This year on the 20th of November, 2020, approximately 7 days following the World Kindness Day, the FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital is organizing a Virtual Fundraising event to solicit for funds to sponsor over 3,000 patients requiring life-saving surgery for complex spinal and orthopedic conditions.

These are patients, whose conditions are affecting their internal organs, and could lead to death if not treated on time. Now more than ever, patients who can’t stand tall, walk straight or function fully within their social cycles need all of us. Yes, they need you! The race against time is the reason we must make kindness the new normal for these patients.

Being kind is the way to bring hope to a whole generation of pediatric patients, whose future remains dependent on receiving urgent healthcare they can’t afford.

There will be many reasons to smile if we all join hands to make a difference together by promoting kindness throughout Ghana and the world. Let’s stand for one another, and continue to make today that future where kindness becomes the new normal.

To support patient sponsorship at the FOCOS Orthopedic Hospital, kindly visit https://focoshospital.org/donate2020.

Columnist: Prince Kay-Takrama