The Ghanaian Condition

Sun, 5 Apr 2009 Source: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele

—Freedom And Justice For The Elite & Corrupt Politicians.

You only know the true length of a frog after it’s death,so says one of our adages.

Revelations so far after the general elections are so shocking and unpalatable that one wonders what Ghanaians have done to deserve the kind/type of Politricians( Politicians) to rule us for the past eight years. Please God,in your Wisdom do not let loose on this Nation again these Charlatans—we sincerely pray you have Mercy on us.

Let’s take two cases out of the many. The Ex-Gratia Awards to former President Kuffour,MP’s and that of the former Speaker of Parliament Mr Sakyi Hughes. Can anybody honestly look Ghanaians in the face and tell us that after 8 good years of collecting thousands of Dollars in per Diems ,non-taxable salaries and allowances,free everything provided by State Protocol ,Ex President Kuffour is so poor that the State has to provide him with everything that his commissioned Chinnery Hesse Committee Recommended and approved by Half Asleep MP,s at the last hour before the New Govt takes power? Listening to some of the defendants of this ridiculous awards reminds me of Chacricncha,s Law: The Process where supposedly clever people defend absurd positions,the purpose being to confuse rather than explain things in a logical and rational manner.(Chacrincha was a brilliant Brazilian Football Commentator who in most cases confuse listeners with his absurd commentary)

The case of the Ex-Speaker of Parliament deserve the UTMOST CONDEMNATION. In any body’s book,his behaviour is nothing more than simple THIEVERY. It is only in Ghana that an ex-speaker of Parliament will STRIP NAKED the contents of his officially allocated Bungalow on vacating it.

I listened to both Hon Gbagbin –the Leader of the House of Parliament and Hon Bonsu –the Minority Leader respectively and Iam not impressed about their logic. The Guy has STOLEN GOVT PROPERTY and he should be dealt with according to the Laws of the Land-period. What happens if a lowly placed junior officer elsewhere did the same. Truly,truly no one is above the law.

What these gentlemen are telling Ghanaians is that in Ghana there is FREEDOM AND JUSTICE FOR THE ELITES AND CORRUPT POLITCIANS WHO ARE UNTOUCHABLE that the rest of the ordinary Ghanaians don’t matter .

I am extremely happy and encouraged to read that the Asantehene has advised President Mills to be COURAGEOUS in ruling this our motherland. You see,in Politics, perception counts a lot. If you are perceived to be weak and undecisive ,you have a problem. Adding insult to injury when Ex- President Kuffour was asked about the ex-gratia award ,all he co uld say in defence was that Ghanaians should STOP MAKING NOISES and that the work of Parliament is a very difficult one.

The question I will ask is ,what about the sweat and toils of the teachers, nurses, farmers, market women labourers and all other Ghanaians whose Taxes are being used to pay for the Luxurious life-style you and the MP,s are enjoying. Mr President,have you ever been to any of the many dilapidated Police Stations to see where they work and sleep,please stop abusing our intelligence.Are you not the same man who said Ghanaians are Lazy?

This reminds me of a corruption scandal in Kenya not long ago which made an exasperated British Ambassador to ask the Kenyan Corrupt Politicians to stop vomiting on the heads of the Donor Countries who were financing their economy. Please President Kuffour,stop pissing on our heads and keep telling us it is raining.

Perhaps we should give Ex-President Kuffour the Jubilee House and the two Presidential Jets that he ordered as well as the Tema Harbour and Tema Motorway so that we can have eternal peace from the man and his co-horts. My sincerest and humble appeal to President Mills is to throw the so-called Chinery Hess report into a dust bin. You cannot give so much to Elites and Politicians without giving similar award to the ordinary worker. No Ghanaian is more deserving than another.

Li stening to some of the defendants of this ridiculous award quoting the Constitution,my simple answer is this: Where Equity and the Law clashes,Equity must prevail-ask any lawyer about this.

President Mills,one of the greatest SERVICE and LEGACY you can leave this country for posterity is to be bold and courageous and do the decent thing.

You should be the President for the down-trodden as well but not for the Elite and Corrupt Politicains. SOURCE:Kwaku.Kele.Ashiagbor


Columnist: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele