The Ghanaian Condition (Part 19)

Sun, 14 Aug 2011 Source: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele

What Does God Think Of All These?

Hardly a day passes without the good people of Ghana waking up to the news of the criminal and unprintable behaviors of our so-called men of God. It is so sad that most of the Civil Organizations have almost kept quiet about this canker permeating or degrading the moral fiber of our Society because they are afraid to be labeled Un-Christian.

As the saying goes, for evil to succeed, good people have to keep quiet. For far too long many good people in our Society have kept mute expecting this menace to go away----a very sad wishful thinking.

The current case of the so-called Bishop Obinim and his escapades is an affront to any decent Society and the Christian Faith he claims to belong. It is one of the cardinal laws of the land that our Constitution guarantees amongst others, freedom of worship and assembly but such freedoms come with responsibilities. All professionals in this country have regulatory bodies and members are supposed to adhere to certain codes or ethics before being allowed to practice. Sadly in the cases of our religious bodies these rules do not seem to apply, hence any charlatan can open his/her own Church with fanciful names in addition to being “International”.

As if these pseudo names are not enough, the give themselves such jaw-dropping titles as, Bishop, Seer, Prophet ,Doctor, Archbishop, Leader and so on and so forth. Very soon we will have the first black Pope in Ghana. Is it any wonder that the fastest growing business or money making enterprise in Ghana is to open your own Church ?

These crooks know that most Ghanaians are very gullible and brain-dead when it comes to matters of religion and will believe any nonsense without question as long as it comes from these so-called “men of God”. It is only in Ghana that any crook can put on ‘dog-collar’ call himself man of God and establish a Church from whose members contribution he can become fabulously rich and no one challenges him.

If not, how come that there is no regulatory body in this country as far as regulations of our Churches are concerned?

As for the Christian Council of Churches in Ghana, the least said about them, the better.

It saddens me at times when you talk to some of our educated folks about matters of religion and their naivety and gullibility seem to be beyond comprehension. Regrettably our women folks happen to be the most victims in the majority of cases. When I read in one of today’s papers that the Church Members of ‘Bishop Obinim’ are supporting him to the hilt and shows solidarity with him, I ask myself this question “When and How have we come to this? Are we having collective madness in this country? Please can somebody somewhere help me before I have a mental breakdown?

Please dear God, tell us what you have to say about this because our Politicians and Church Leaders are not only deaf and dumb, they simply can’t see that we are heading towards doom.



Columnist: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele