The Ghanaian Condition(Part 5)

Fri, 22 Jan 2010 Source: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele

The Political landscape in Ghana gets more interesting and confusing each day.

Not sooner had the N.D.C Party finished their successful and peaceful Congress at Tamale than the whole country was thrown into a state of panic and sleep deprivation with the news that an earthquake on the scale of Hiati was imminent.

The news of imminent doom spread across the length and breath of the country,courtesy of modern technology,the mobile phone.

The off-shoot of it all was that the N.D.C Party was deprived of their 15 minutes of glory as postulated by the late Andy Warhol.

As if this was not bad enough,this was followed by the news of a big fire outbreak at Tema Oil Refinery Loading Bay.

To make matters worse came the news from the Attorney General Mrs Betty Mould Iddrisu that the Unfinished Charge Sheet on Cosmos Oil Exploring Company and EO Group of Company was stolen from her office and was subsequently published in one of the Ghanaian Papers. This beggared belief.

Please President Mills,do the honourable and decent thing to end the misery of this lady,just ask her to resign to save her honour and that of your Government. If you don,t the whole country will think and believe you are not in control. Just look at the record of this lady since you appointed her into the post,it is a catalogue of one disaster after another.

Mr.President have you ever wondered why since your Government took power there had been several fire incidents in the country.

Let me mention just a few,the Agblogboshie Market Fire, Kumasi Market Fire, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fire and the TOR Fire. Just ask yourself how many fires did we have under the Kofour Government’s 8 years rule and compare it to that of your Governments 11 months in office? There are definitely DARK ELEMENTS at work. All these fire outbreaks can’t be a matter of co-incidents.

The other issue which you should address seriously and come out openly about is the VODAPHONE SAGA.

The New African Magazine of January 2010 said it all with the title “ How the British Government Leaned on Ex- President Kufour to sell Ghana Telecom to VODAPHONE COMPANY at a knock-down price(dogomi price” It went further to say that the depth of the debacle was summed up by the IMRC Report .Here I Quote “There was executive interference in the sale of GT with former President John Kufour being the one who agreed on the transaction price ,technical considerations and the underlying legal assumptions of the Vodaphone offer of May 15,2008 unquote”.

“These negotiations by the former President were highly irregular,unconventional and did not rely on expert advice”

No wonder M.P Mr. P.C Ofori was adamant that an amount of $5,000 (five thousand dollars )each were given to some of the N.P.P Members of Parliament in order to vote in favour of the Vodaphone Sale when the bill was rushed through the last Parliament.

My question is simply this: President Mills,please be honest with us for once and tell the Ghanaian public if these allegations are true or false? You are doing your self and your Government no favours if you continue to keep quiet over this ,because one day the truth will come out .Don,t let posterity judge you as the President who shielded CRIMINALS who looted STATE PROPERIES all in the name of Property Owning Democracy,you have been warned.

You see, some of us are old enough to remember what the forebearers of the N.P.P Party,viz the United Party did to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah,s C.P.P.

They threw bombs here and there and killed hundreds of innocent men,women and children just because the good people of Ghana refused to vote them in power.

I am afraid history is on the verge of repeating itself here. We are now having spates of unexplained fires,then early morning doom mongerings. One wonders what next?

Mr. President,if you think your political opponents are going to play ball then you have some more shocks to contend with.

It may be that there are only a few die-hard malconents who are hell bent on disturbing the Peace and tranquility in our dear mother Ghana.

For these people I suggest that B.N.I and other State Security Organs are tasked to be double vigilant and smoke them out as soon as possible.

Ghana is the only country we have,so behoves all of us to guard our country with all our might.


Columnist: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele