The Ghanaian Condition (Part 6)

Fri, 19 Mar 2010 Source: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele


The signs are ominous,the natives are restless and the whole nation is crying for JUSTICE but it appears our President and the Leadership of the current N.D.C are oblivious to all these.

It is obvious that the leadership and the people advising President Mills have collectively signed a pact of OMERTA,a code of silence especially as practiced by the Italian Mafia.

Perhaps Mr. Dan Botwe of the N.P.P is right after all when he boldly proclaimed that the N.D.C is in office and that the N.P.P is in Power. If not how come that the President and his Cabinet are unable to act quickly,firmly and decisively on the following: a) The over 3 months report of the Ghana @ 50 Report.The revelations that came out at the sittings were mind-blowing to say the least.Up to date no action. b) The Re-engagement of the Vodaphone Company in the now notorious Ghana Telecom Sale by the Kuffour Regime at DOGOMI PRICE to the Vodaphone Company of Britain.

c) The massive dismissals of hundreds of Ghanaians by the Kufour Regime,their only crimes were that they were perceived to be N.D.C Supporters. All were given letters to proceed on leave and many are still on leave after 8 years of Kufour’s administration and one year and 3 months of the Mills administration.

d) The killing of the Ya Na and Issa Mobila .When will justice be done to the above wronged Ghanains?

e) The looting of the Tema Oil Refinery Debt Recovery Levy----nothing.

What is galling is to hear Asamoah Boateng,the former Minister of Information boasting that the diverted monies were given to some journalists whose names he can’t remember and that Cabinet approved of such a thieving schme.What kind of Cabinet did we have in the last regime? A bunch of crooks? Mr President your fight against corruption appears to be on paper only,in order words it is what is known as “T.N.A” talk no action.

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice is on record as challenging former Supreme Court Judge Justice Kpegah to produce the evidence if he is saying that the N.P.P Government were Corrupt.

Was it not the same Mrs Betty Mould Iddrisu who at the heat of the elections boldy told Ghanaians at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre that qouote “We know they meaning the N.P.P Government were Corrupt and that they were putting people on Kangaroo Trials”? Now this same woman is making 360 degree turn round asking people to produce evidence of N.P.P’s Corruption. No wonder sane people don’t believe Politicians any more.

Mr. President,as stated in one of my earlier articles please do the decent thing and shunt this lady elsewhere if you have not got the guts to sack her outright. Mr. President,your inability to act decisively is going to cost you and the the N.D.C Party dearly at the next election.

The country needs more information on what is going on.Why should we wait for outsiders to come and tell us about the massive FRAUD and CORRUPTION that happened in the previous administration before reacting to these events? The recent outburst of Craig Murray is a case in point.Why is the Presidency keeping all probe reports to its chest?

It is obvious that your advisors are not up to their jobs otherwise they should be able to relay accurately to you what is happening on the ground. Margaret Tatcher used to tell her Cabinet that the only way to know the true effects her Government Policies were impacting on the populace is to ask the people on the No 9 Clapham Bus. The equivalent in Ghana is to ask the Taxi Driver,the Tro –Tro Passenger and the market mummies of Makola,Kaneshie,Aglogboshie,Kejetia and Keta Markets. Already you have wasted 15 months of your 48 months rule and the majority of Ghanaians are not sure of where you are leading them.

Machiavelli wrote in his famous book “The Prince” that in Politics you reward your friends and punish your enemies.

The notion that you can be a father for all is to say the least wishful thinking.

It simply shows that you do not understand the Political Philosophy of the fore-bearers of the N.P.P..

It started with the N.L.M which begat the U.P which later metamorphosed to the current N.P.P. These were people who were throwing bombs at innocent Ghanaians with a view to killing our beloved Dr Kwame Nkrumah.They never won a single election held from 1953 till they and their agents in the C.I.A overthrew Dr.Kwame Nkrumah on the 24th February 1966.

You extend your hands to them which they will bite ,chew it and spit it back in your face.Remember even in Heaven God threw out Lucifer for disobeying his orders so what makes you think these lot will play ball with you. Please Mr. President,wise up and act boldy and decisively. Remember you cannot make a socialist omelette without breaking a few capitalist eggs.

My suggestion is to the elders and founding members of the N.D.C Party to URGENTLY call the President and advice him to change direction,

b) The N.D .C Parliamentarians especially the young Turks should collectively tell the President what the masses of the Party Supporters are complaining about

c)The Party Chairmen and the Local Cadres should make their feelings known to the National Executive who in turn should let the President know that all is not well.

If the above steps are not taken,Iam afraid the nightmarish 8 years of the N.P.P rule will be re-visited on this nation of ours again.

If that happens(God forbids_) Kufour and his marauding gang of thieves will sell our dear country to the lowest bidder.

Mr President, I humbly submit that you read Lee Kuan Yew’s Book------From Third World to First World and make it a must read book for all your Ministers as well.

This will give you an idea of how to fight corruption by ACTION AND NOT WORDS.

It is a pity that in Ghana we do not have Conviction Politicians but rather Stomach Politicians hence only a few of your party members are putting their necks on the line and coming out boldly and openly to talk about the ROT setting in. Mr. President,with due respect it appears your political decisions are being clouded by your religious belief.

When Mr Tony Blair the former British Prime Minister was trying to bring religion into politics ,his advisor Mr Alistair Campbell famously told him “Tony we do not do God in Downing Street.Leave religion to the Priests.

Your statement that you wished the whole country were a prayer camp when some criticisms were leveled at you during the courtesy call of some pastors at castle is rather unfortunate to say the least.As if that was not bad enough last Sunday was a National Day of Prayer. Which nation on earth is built through prayers? We can only build this country through hard work and not diverting the resources of our country into our pockets and private bank accounts. Religion should be a personal thing.

Dr.Kwame Nkrumah sought huge loans to build Akosombo Dam and other infrastructural developments,so why can’t we go to China,India, Korea and others to source out funds for developing our roads,schools,hospitals ,agriculture and others. Who doesn’t owe? Even America owes China huge amounts of money.How do you think all the Industrialised countries are trying to get out of the recession---it is through borrowing and investing in infrastructural and human capital development.

Mr. President,the time for BOLD and DECISIVE ACTION IS NOW. If not you will be deserted by your party and the foot soldiers come 2012.

Kwaku.Kele Ashiagbor

Columnist: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele