The Ghanaian Condition (Part 8)

Tue, 4 May 2010 Source: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele


When I read the warning given by the Eminent Ghanaian Business Magnet Alhaji Asoma Banda regarding our oil find and the dangers ahead which was posted on the Ghanaweb of 30th April 2010, I say to myself how come we have people of such commo-sense approach to national issues yet we are wallowing in gross inefficiency?

Just look at the way our God-given resources like Gold, Bauxite and other minerals were literally given away to Foreign Companies at DOGOMI Prices all under the guise getting foreign investments into the country. Our own people in collaboration with these Foreign Multinational Companies sign contacts with these companies and always invariably these contracts are inimical to the interest of our country. The people who are signing these contracts on our behalf don’t care a damn as long as they get their so-called 10% -20% Commission. Just look at the Sale Agreement of the Ghana Telecom to Vodaphone Company of U.K. You couldn’t have a worse case of a Sovereign State Selling one of it’s National Asset s to a Foreign Country at such a ridiculously give-away price. Even as I write this our Government is confused as what to do,so they came out with a cowardly statement of Re-engaging with the Vodaphone Company.

Just today( 3rd May 2010)the Australian Govt has slapped 40 % Tax on the Profits of all the Mineral Companies in that country with the reason that “The Resources of the Country belong to the People and that they deserve a greater share”. This will NEVER HAPPEN in Ghana in 100 years as long as we have the kind of Politicians who think of their STOMACH first before the National interest.

Politics they say is a dirty game but I totally disagree with that notion. It is not the game that is Dirty but rather the Players who are dirty and unscrupulous . Just look at the beautiful game –footbal,no game can be more entertaining and beautiful to watch than football,yet some of the players do play dirty ,so we should blame the players not the game. My simple suggestion to President Mills is this: Please make open all contracts signed henceforth with any Foreign Company except those bordering on National Security. Our Parliament should not be rail-rolled into passing Contracts with hidden agenda as happened in the last Parliament when it was alleged by Mr P.C Ofori –(M.P)that Majority MP’s in the last Parliament were BRIBED with $5000 (Five Thousand Dollars Each) to approve the Vodaphone Sale Agreement.

Secondly the Freedom of Information Bill should be passed as soon as possible in a clear and unambiguous language so that everyone knows what and how to access information without let or hinderance. For far too long officials have been denying the citizenry their right to information. As the saying goes “ For lack of knowledge my people perish” Ignorance of our common human rights is a disease which has to be eradicated from our daily lives. I do hope that the chaps advising the President do read articles posted on the web and advice the President accordingly.


Columnist: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele