The Ghanaian Condotion (Part 12)

Fri, 22 Oct 2010 Source: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele


I am not sure if our President is aware of the serious and damaging effect his silence or inability to act decisively on the above subject is

having on the moral fibre of our society.

In my last article on the same subject posted on the Ghanaweb on the 17th of September 2010,I implore our President to do the decent thing and uphold the sanctity of the Constitution he swore to defend.

Mr. President have you so soon forgotten your vow? Some of us are getting worried and beginning to wonder if you are in control of this country or you are scared to do the decent thing.

How can it be right that Government lands which have been kept as such for future developments of our country can be parceled and sold at such a ridiculously low price to the STEALING KUFFOUR BRIGADE INCLUDING THE CHIEF JUSTICE and some other prominent judges.

No wonder people are now beginning to believe that the judiciary is Corrupt.

How on earth is justice going to be done when the Chief Justice who is going to appoint Judges to sit on this very land cases herself is involved in this land-grabbing spree. Do you expect a mouse to have justice in the courts of the cat?

Freedom or Democracy without any Justice is no freedom or democracy at all.It is now becoming clear that our national Motto “Freedom and Justice” resides only on the Freedom Arch at the Independent Square.

Our society unfortunately will descend into a state of Anarchy if Justice is not seen to be manifestly done.

As the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr rightly said “Injustice anywhere is Injustice Everywhere.

We now live in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm “ where some Ghanaians are more Ghanaians than others especially if you happen to belong to the Kufour Looting Brigade of the Notorious N.P.P .

The most frightening aspect of it all is that some of our Eminent Judges regrettably belong to this clique with the result that the “The game-keepers have now turned Poachers”

Dear God,please why have you let loose on this country of ours these Charlatants and Thieves devoid of any conscience? Please have Mercy on us and do not let them loose again for the second time as there will be no country on earth to be called Ghana again if they were to win the next election. This is the only portion of earth that you have given us,so please have mercy on us and let no one take it from us.

Our second prayer to you dear God is to kindly open the mind and heart of our President Mills to have the Moral Courage to do the decent thing and take back ALL STOLEN STATE LANDS BACK TO GOVT DOMAIN.

Dear God,if you can touch the heart of Nana Akuffo Addo who was with these stealing gangsters to the end to come out boldy via his spokesman Gabby Otchere Darko to say that he Akuffo Addo was offered a parcel of state land via telephone call from Kufour.s Office(the castle) but that he Akuffo Addo turned it down on the grounds that it was “unethical” for him to buy state lands please why can’t you touch the heart and mind of our President Mills to do the decent thing and retrieve every single state land sold to these thieves back to the state? Please Dear God have Mercy on us.

In today’s article (20-10-10) of the Insight Newspaper written by Mr. Kwasi Adu on this very topic he made a powerful and cogent argument why our President should act decisively. Perhaps I better quote a few portions of his article to buttress his point.

“It becomes distressing when in the face of all these revelations and the expression of disquiet even from among the colleagues of the land thieves,our President and his colleagues keep mute over it as if they have not heard anything. Or is there something about they themselves have done or intend doing that we do not know? As the debate goes on it appears that the Government is worried that if they take any action for which they are dragged to court,they will lose the case.

Why not?Why will they not lose these cases when the Chief Justice as head of the Judiciary who empanels the courts is herself one of the land-grabbers?

Of course the Government will lose all such cases

Judging by what Nana Akuffo Addo has said the senior Judges including the Chief Justice have behaved “unethically”. In short they have discarded any sense of moral values when they went to grab state lands meant for public offices.”

I wish we have more people like Mr.Kwasi Adu with his insightful and candid assessment of the public mood.

Regrettably the same cannot be said of out President and his Ministers.

We are waiting and watching. Is it the case of “ It is the same old truck ,only the drivers have been changed”

I honestly think and believe the good people of Ghana deserves an honest and unambiguous answer from President Mills and his Government


Columnist: Ashiagbor, Kwaku Kele