The Ghanaians Confusion Of Democracy Made Worse By The NDC

Sat, 27 Aug 2005 Source: Adofo, Rockson

I have decided as a matter of urgency to come to the aid of some innocent unsuspecting Ghanaians the world over, who allow themselves to excuse me to say, be manipulated by the few that interpret the word Democracy to suit their parochial and wrongful selfish thoughts, in an attempt to screech to a halt the wheels of governance. Democracy was the Athenians philosophy, came out of the thought of Socrates, a great Greek thinker and philosopher. It was then expounded and developed into a political theory by Plato, in his book entitled "the Republic". Democracy is not purity in any way, but it is better than dictatorship and in the absence of any viable decent alternative political theory, democracy is simply the best.

Below are some quoted web definitions of democracy in my attempt to redress a dangerous misapplication of the theory by Ghanaians? "Democracy is a political system which has many different meanings and can take different forms. It is often incorrectly used as a synonym for capitalism. Fundamentally, it means a government of, by and for the people. The concept of democracy is based on the simple principle that when making an important public decision, the majority vote should prevail because the will of the majority outweighs the wants of the minority. The methods of implementing a governmental institution based on this simple principle can be complicated, but are made proper if a pluralistic party system is used. Having a viable alternative in choosing between two or more forms of political parties improves the chances of greater governmental management - because if one party should fail, the other party, or parties, would have at least some experience in directing".

The concomitant freedoms, obligated rights and duties in the dispensation of democratic institutions of government, lie with "the rule of law" and human rights laws, subject to change and or modification by the Legislature, upon the request of the Executive or the President for the smooth running of a democratic government. The "rule of law" and human rights should therefore not be confounded with democracy per se as a system of government. They are two separate entities which though often go hand in hand for the safety and betterment of the citizenry. It is then a pity that in the aspiration of certain individuals who in the figment of their warped imagination of born to rule but not ruled, but unfortunately being ruled, should whip up the sentiments of the ignorant innocent majority, to tilt the scale in their favour through lies and evil machinations. We need to be as wise and clever as the Serpent to nip them in the bud. The implementation of the rule of law is to facilitate and bring out the best in the democratic theory of governance, but not in itself an inherently obligated principle to apply even when detrimental to the smooth running of government.

I have come to the conclusion that for evil to triumph is for the good people in society to do nothing. Those that have seen the light should come out forcefully to quench the flame of lies before it propagates to engulf the very system of government we all admire with all our hearts and mind. The good ones in the society should match the peddlers of lies with the truth an inch by inch, a foot by foot, and a pound by pound, until they get choked on their own vomit of lies.

I wonder how the metamorphosed NDC for almost 19 years in power, with all the visitations of tyranny, orchestration of political murders, suspension of the basic freedoms and human rights, thefts and embezzlements of all sorts, should in a short space of time present and portray themselves as the Holy Angels in the spiritual and physical realms to pull wool over our myopic eyes. Amazingly, most Ghanaians lack the discerning spirit to detect the leopard in their assumption of a different name. It says, "You can change the name of the leopard but you can't change its spots". The NDC by their present actions, incessantly supporting and throwing their weights behind all movements that are likely to bring the government and the President into disrepute, discrediting the nation worldwide, all for the sake of wrestling political power from the NPP, in the name of democracy, is quite shameful and defies common sense.

Yesterday it was "Wahala" and today it is "Hotel Kufuor" and tomorrow it is only God that knows what their next move will be, all in their dirty endeavours to bring the government and the President down. All these are maliciously done in the name of Democracy with the always intentional going of extra miles beyond the confinements of the rule of law, as it is typical of Ghanaians and the entire Black race. Democracy in itself as expatiated above, does not allow the wrongly attributed freedoms but the functional principle of the rule of law does allow freedoms, but not in the overboard expressions as being championed in Ghana by some gone near-mental with the excesses. This rule of law can be modified to take away any detrimental aspect retarding or obstructing the proper functioning of an elected government thus, democratic government. It could be done through an act of parliament. The NDC are very much aware of this but for the impossibility of the NPP getting the needed votes to repeal any mitigating aspects of the rule of law, because of the sheer number of the NDC in Parliament to vote en block against any such move to curtail their excesses of resorting to acts retrogressive to the development of the nation, though in line with their evil anticipations or perceptions. A classical example is the writing into the Constitution of "no accountability but indemnity" for Rawlings and other AFRC/PNDC/NDC members which to me should be repealed for its biased intent. Should we go by their stipulation for killing their predecessor Coup D'Etat plotters, Rawlings should have been subjected to the same fate without the need for that clause in our Constitution? Is he being fair to his own conscience and those he murdered? Does it sit well with the NDC? They will be happy to defend this in the name of democracy though, the rule of law. The freedom of say, speech, as guaranteed in the rule of law is quite excellent but everyone is aware how it is being abused through loose mouth, with evil intent to damage others, consequentially bringing incredibility to the entire nation. We still have to maintain this and all the other freedoms but with due diligences and moderation, please.

Sadly, most Ghanaians abroad also fall for the mistaken notion of democracy, citing instances from America and Europe to defend every twist of it in the malevolent pursuit of the NDC, playing on the intelligence of the people, in their efforts to be voted back into power. It should be noted that America and say, The Great Britain, the father and mother of democracy, have practiced it for centuries yet, they at times bend the rule of law to suit particular situations in favour of the majority of their people when the occasion demands. Ghanaians instead of learning to crawl, walk, before running, once they embrace any foreign culture, policy or whatever, they always start running with it, claiming in such horrible circumstances to being better performers than the authors of such cultures or policies. Most often than not have people cited demonstrations in the Americas and Europe in the name of democracy though; it should be in the name of the rule of law, to justify the damaging excesses as exhibited by those with hidden agendas bent on demonstrating day in day out until they get back power. My question to them is, "do you know how far they have come, hurdles they have vaulted, crawling and walking they have done before reaching this stage of demonstrating which by the sheer number of their population, wealth and land mass, are insignificant to ours?"

Ghanaians always bite bigger than they can chew. We never cut our cloth according to our size. America, our idol country has this or that, so we need to have same. America does it this way so we need to go same way. What a type of people? America has in the Presidency of G.W. Bush faulted twice on democracy, elections results purported to have been rigged, let alone the rule of law and human rights law broken. Prisoners of war from Afghanistan have been denied their basic rights, thrown into prison without charge. A nation, Iraq, has been invaded on false pretence, against the dictates of the United Nations. Now to America, the United Nations does not exist or it is a toothless bull not worth the name given to it or the paper it writes on. Where then is the practice of the rule of law when America's interest is in danger in relation to the outside world? This is the reason why I have said in my earlier writings that true Democracy and the absolute application of the rule of law do not stringently exist anywhere in the world. They are meant to work in the interest of the majority of each nation's nationals, so must be flexible to bend to suit fates at given circumstances, as it is in the case of America.

I don't believe in the proliferation of deadly weapons or to be precise, nuclear weapons, for the sake of the sustenance of human race on this planetary earth. But who gave America and the U.K prerogative right to decide who should owe and possess such weapons and who should not? Is that the moralist American example of democracy and rule of law, the yardstick we often adore, compare with and then go the extra miles into the political, social and cultural wilderness making ourselves objects of laughter? In the U.K., people are incarcerated on unproven allegations as terrorists, without being charged legally for the offence for months and years. Are they not the mother of democracy practicing the rule of law and human rights law? They are, but the laws can be bent in the interest of the majority given the circumstances. We should not in the blind Ghanaian or the African way of applying and understanding democracy and the rule of law ridicule ourselves and nation as the NDC is pushing for, all in an attempt to achieving their egoistic interests. They take to the streets chanting and beating their chests, leveling up all sorts of unsubstantiated allegations against the government, in their mind's eye, they are doing Ghanaians a great service in the name of democracy. It?s laughable. They had better find and come out to demonstrate about their alternative better policies on the creation of jobs for the unemployed, education and Medicare etc, if any, to acquire my support.

Now, for the eminence and credibility given to that woman, Giselle Yadzi, in the "Hotel Kufuor" saga, by the NDC, despite the inconsistencies in the lady's stories meant to tarnish the reputation not only of the President, but the entire nation and all those going by the nationality Ghanaian, I throw the following challenge to the NDC, in a contest of proving their "manity" if they have the balls to do so. I never condone evil and never shall I. But I dare the NDC to first investigate J.J. Rawlings, their mentor-god, regarding who is financing his children's education in expensive higher institutions in Scotland. Who purchased him his expensive speedboats and cars? There are many more but I limit myself to these two. They think I am stupid enough to believe Rawlings saying it is his friend doing him all these favours but he will never disclose whom, until his death. What good did he do that friend meriting all these favourable pay in kind in what is, "one good turn deserves another?" When successfully done, then they can investigate or impeach President Kufuor on the allegations of a foreign whore turning in her bed in tears and pain because she could not let dupe Ghana. She would never get any commission on the loan the NDC negotiated from Kuwait until she rots in hell, who cares? She can play fowl and cry foul. It is only the NDC that will give her any iota of credence in the face of the teeming evidence of her being a con-woman.

The President has come out to deny he has bought the hotel. The original owner, Mr. Saoud has denied been forced to sell it against his wish nor the President, but his son, bought the hotel in question. There are the bank proofs that the son got a consortium of banks to grant him loans in partnership to purchase the hotel, the valuable hotel itself having been accepted as the collateral security. With all this said, a disgruntled woman, who, clouding the brains and vision of Ghanaians, is saying otherwise, which version of her story sits well with a section of Ghanaians instigated by the lies of the NDC.There are five parties involved in this saga, the President, his son, the Banks, the original owner of the hotel and Giselle Yadzi.Four of them are saying the son bought the hotel with his partners as already made known to the public. One among them is claiming otherwise though, without concrete proof yet, the NDC want us to believe her side of the story. My White colleagues at work are castigating us on this stupidity saying, what a reverse logic. Why should we allow the shameless NDC to bring Ghana down hiding behind and pulling the strings using the woman as a front? Why did the woman not mention her affair with the President leading into the phantom twin-sons until the hotel saga? The NDC in their right, under the rule of law they denied others, can believe in whatever they choose to believe in but should not use that as a means to bring Ghana down.

I have once said if the hotel has been illegally acquired, one day, Ghana can repossess it. It is better to have the stolen money, be it as it may, by the understanding of some people through the crafty work of the NDC, invested in Ghana to create jobs for others and in future confiscated by the country than those who steal and bank them in offshore banks. Such monies benefit the economies of the countries in which they are banked, where we later go kowtowing to them for a fraction in loans, the interest payment alone in what is debt servicing becomes a nightmare to us. I hate embezzlement of public funds in all its manifestations but this case of "Hotel Kufuor" falls short of that with the proofs adduced.

The NDC should not confuse people with either a utopian or distorted version of democracy as neither exists, except what we have, as defined above. The rule of law and the human rights laws can be changed for the greater good of the people in the better running of a democratic country. The rule of law is not intrinsically inextricably intertwined with democracy. They can be changed to suit a current situation for the better, in the interest of the majority. One will then be wrong to hide behind democracy to commit acts repugnant to the general good of the country.

In the days of the Former President J.J. Rawlings and the NDC regime, one was still scared shitless to discuss him and his government on the public transport and in public, as a slip of tongue to uttering anything bad about him often led to the disappearance of such people. There was well a democratic administration, elected by the people, but where was the rule of law? Suppressed! His government or he authorized the demolition of my wife's building at Kumasi Abrepo along with tens of hundreds of others'. Her many years' hard work in biting winter's savings was lost in the demolished building, in addition to the near death trauma she suffered while on admission to the hospital having just delivered a baby two days earlier, with the breaking of the news unfolding back home on the demolition exercise. Many people who lost their property died from the sustained shock though, she is fortunate to be alive. My sympathies still go to all those that lost their lives and property, due to a momentary madness of a regime. Though no compensations were paid, injuries were added to insults by the arrest and imprisonment of those who protested at the lost of their properties, at the Kumasi Army Barracks. These are the hypocrites now enjoying full rule of law and human rights laws they forbade others, taking them steps farther, leading to abuses.

They should be grateful that under the NPP, the law of, "what goes around comes around" is held in check. This goes to tell how human one is and how animalistic the other is. The NDC should please spare us peace, shouldn't underrate our intelligence as our leniency should not be seen in their hazy lenses as weakness. For the sake of peace and the unity of Ghana and Ghanaians, we have buried the hatchet but not that we didn't know what to do when out of the spur of the moment seizure of madness, he felt right to destroy people and property at that magnitude, with impunity. I contacted the International Court of Justice on the demolition where they advised that they deal with cases submitted by governments and organizations but not by individuals against governments. Though they declined to go further in their advice, I could visualize what next appropriate line of action to take, but were our Courts in Ghana given the free hand to operate at that time? A citizen's arrest of the culprits outside Ghana was also a possibility to hold them accountable for the inward looking exercise carried out. The demolition went ahead against a High Court injunction order restraining such an exercise. A democratic regime that never respected the rule of law the least is now overstretching the same rule to their benefit even beyond the elasticity point. Beyond that point, it will surely snap.

We should try to differentiate between corruption and embezzlement of funds in this hotel issue where to me none exists. Corruption by definition is asking for, receiving or obtaining, or agrees or attempts to receive or obtain, any benefit of any kind for yourself, or any other person on account of anything done or not done, or to be afterwards done or not done, in the discharge of your work duties. On the other hand embezzlement is the fraudulent appropriation of funds or property entrusted to your care but actually owned by someone else. Where is the President's guilt here? The son had sought the assistance of a lady later turned out to be a con woman to negotiate for a better deal on the purchase of a hotel for him and his partners. Where then are the father and his son's guilty? Don't we seek the expertise of others at where they have the comparative advantage in our professional dealings? The woman might have as usual demanded a commission on the hotel though; her help never went far enough to merit any such offer and hence, is taking revenge with the connivance of the NDC, the two perfect crooks with evil intent.

When Ato Ahowi took a loan from the Agricultural Development Bank or whatever, for his CASHPRO Company, what had it got to do with the government or Rawlings at that time? Was it, and is it not a matter between him and the Bankers for any default on payment as has come to the public domain? Is it not being treated as a private matter between him and the Bankers without the NPP interfering? Should the Banks that offered Chief Kufuor the loan and accepted to be in joint ownership with him gone against the ethos of banking, not be held accountable rather than either Chief Kufuor or the President? There are more questions than answers on the ulterior motive of the NDC in this hotel saga.

Please, let us think about more important things than this peddling of lies. For Ato Ahowi has said that they will do whatever to bring the NPP down as they did same to them sometime past so no wonder, this propaganda about the hotel issue to the point of President Kufuor been classified a thief of having stolen ?1.65 million by METRO newspaper of London. This dirty ploy is doing the country more harm than good seeing that America was not keen at the G8 Summit about the debt relief citing the inherent African corruption. Therefore, I will admonish my fellow Ghanaians not to cry wolf where and if there is no wolf, as such unsavory attitude will hurt us much more now and in the near future." The goat thought it was defacing the wall paint rubbing itself against the wall not knowing it was damaging its fur", so an Akan adage goes. There you are NDC, the ball is in your court.

Rockson Adofo (London)

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Columnist: Adofo, Rockson